I was raised Christian, and both of my parents are nurses who, at one time or another have had to deal with girls who had been raped and didn't want a child, so this subject is kind of controversial for me.

On one hand I have been taught my whole life that abortion was wrong, and even that tiny bundle of cells at the very beginning of a pregnancy is a human, but I've met a lot of my parent's patients who had been raped.

Of course, there's always the option of going through the pregnancy/birthing process, and then putting the baby up for adoption, but what 16 or 17 year old girl who didn't have any say in the sex wants to be pregnant for 9 months while trying to go through highschool? I mean, I can just imagine the ridicule. Highschoolers can be harsh, and a re VERY good at coming up with false stories.

I was just wondering what everyone's views on it were. And please, no hate comments. Whether it be people hating on Christians, or Christians hating on someone who is okay with abortion. Especially you guys Christians. I feel very disappointed when someone who has been taught by God to respect EVERYONE'S opinion go and disrespect people who don't share the same views.

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Unless you go around making absolutely sure that you never kill any microscopic organisms, bugs, or plants, using "it's technically alive so it must be murder" seems like hypocrisy. I mean, I guess you might actually go around making sure you don't ever kill off any germs or anything, but most people don't do that. You kill loads of living organisms a day. Why should people only feel sad about killing microscopic humans?

Why should people only feel sad about killing microscopic humans?


It doesnt matter the size of the human. Its the fact that it's alive and the fact that its human. By your logic, is it somehow less of a tragedy if you kill a short person rather than a tall one? At what point does size matter in the right to end their life or not?


Most people would say they would never abort their child ... But it depends on what situation you're in. We can go around judging people who have done it but most of them probably have a good reason.


Even though it makes me feel quite ill on thinking a baby is being killed, It would probably go through more pain if it had a brutal father or if you were poor and stuff..

So it all depends on your situation

Oh and can i also say

It doesn't matter what religion you're in, I'm a Christian too and i don't think god would smite me if i got an abortion.


At the moment, I'm pro-choice, because the systems in place pretty much suck. Without universal healthcare and access to adequate birth control, without a total revamp of the current adoption and foster system, without making sure we could care for all the extra children born due to limiting abortions, I can't claim to think that placing limits on abortions is right. 

If we set about addressing those issues, maybe looked into better ways to deal with premature removals (artificial wombs, increased knowledge about how to treat and help premature babies, etc.) than maybe one day, we could say that there are enough options that abortion shouldn't be an option except in the most rare and extreme cases (the baby couldn't survive a transfer to an artificial womb, and the mother will die without the abortion, etc.), but certainly not now, and probably for a while.
I think it should always be a woman's choice. She is the one carrying the baby and it is different under every circumstance, and woman should be able to choose if they want to go through the ordeal of being pregnant.

I am pro-life.

I've been in highschool. I've known teen mothers. I know it's tough. But I know that I would have been willing to adopt the child myself, had it come to term. I would have done almost anything to spare the mother the pain of an abortion (PAS, increased risk of breast cancer, and other complications). And I would have done almost anything to save the life of the child. (It ended in a miscarriage, if you were curious.)

I can't say I've met anyone that has been raped and that became pregnant as a result. This is, statistically, a rare occurence. Only about .5 or .6 percent of incidences of rape and incest result in pregnancy. And in this situation, instead of destroying a life, why don't we encourage a more Loving, supportive, non-judgemental, and compassionate environment? Even if the pregnancy was not the result of rape, an unplanned pregnancy is still difficult, even if you plan to give the child up for adoption.

As previously stated, instead of talking about what a slut that girl may or may not be, why don't we see if she needs financial or medical aid? Why don't we talk to her with compassion and respect, check on her, ask her how she's holding up? I realize that no matter what, there will probably be ignorant, judgemental gossips. But if we work on it now, we can at least decrease some worldsuck. If we talk to our peers and our youth now, maybe tomorrow, there will be one less person worried about throwing stones, and one more worried about Loving their neighbor.

Ultimately, I feel that the percieved necessity of abortion will at least decrease if we start focusing more on filling the future with Love for everyone, and respect for life.

Ultimately, I feel that the percieved necessity of abortion will at least decrease if we start focusing more on filling the future with Love for everyone, and respect for life.

But why is that mutually exclusive with legal abortions? You're idea that some vague sense of positivity will lead to a drop in necessity of abortions is just an assertion, after all. 


And just because the number of women who get pregnant from rape and incest is small, doesn't mean those women aren't significant in the debate. A loving, encouraging environment doesn't help a poor girl who didn't want and isn't ready for a kid become a capable mother. And many of these girls don't have access to a network of family or financially stable friends capable of forming this environment anyway. At the end of the day, these women are stuck raising the child. There's no denying that. Your ability to say "I definitely would have adopted the kid" many years later, when there's no way to hold you accountable to it, doesn't change that fact. Even today, when abortion is legal, there are far more kids up for adoption than there are parents willing to adopt them.

A loving, encouraging environment doesn't help a poor girl who didn't want and isn't ready for a kid become a capable mother.


Yes it does. If you have a network of volenteers, friends etc who are willing and ready to help people in these circumstances, give them advice, money, assistance etc, then yes, it would be very helpful.

I'm not sure if you kept reading my post past that sentence. As I went on to explain, the practical side of type of environment Dani is hoping for just doesn't happen in the real world.


Girls who have networks of friends and family able and willing to help them generally just don't choose to get abortions. The reason that many girls still do get abortions is that many people don't have this sort of support network. 

I think that it's a woman's decision, and a very difficult one at that.


And I don't really think that anyone's a fan of abortion.


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