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I wrote a poem, so I'll shove it here because I can. It sucks as it's my first ever.

Forever illuminated, tales of broken smiles and whimsical glances
I see your facade, your glow, a mask hiding what’s grey
And between the lights, showgirls and dancers
You put on the brave face of today
Best foot forward, determination
Only smothering the sorrow inside that you can’t bear
Anyone to see
The story of this generation
Mirrors and smoke through which you tear
A piece of string grasping together the fragments
Who you used to be
Broken at your hand, your last talent
To destroy the delicate and beautiful.
Poetry! HIGH FIVE.
That was beautiful.

*Ahem* Not bad for your first time...
I like the word whimsical. :)
Me too.
Hai is for hoarses.


Cute lesbians!
I find Tara extremely boring...


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