I recently comented in the main board asking whether or not a male Time Lord who regenerates as a female or female who regenrates as a male would be considered transgender or transsexual.  That random idea inspired another train of thought about the implications of the possibility of regenerating into a different sex/gender in an understanding of sexuality. So, what are your thoughts?  

I'm not really sure where would be a good place to start, I just thought the topic would be interesting. Sorry.


Just so we're clear, in this discussion, let's assume that regeneration is a given, not a fictional concept. It'll just make discussing it easier.

Just in the name of full disclosure, I am a straight man. I try to be conscious of the privilege that comes with that all the time, but occasionally I am not. I apologize if I fail, and would appreciate it if someone were to point it out to me if it happens.


I never thought that I would have a discussion like this, online or IRL. Of the people I know who watch DW, very few of them would be willing to have, or be mature enough to have, this conversation, and of the people I know who would be willing and mature enough to have this conversation do. not know enough about Doctor Who.

I am in awe of Nerdfighteria, I'm really glad I found this community. Thanks for providing a forum for this discussion, everybody

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completely off topic, but wouldn't a pregnant Time Lady lose the fetus regardless Laura?


and as to the Tate would have been 11, i miss her too, but seriously?

Right. It was a great idea, but it didn't fit the plot at all. Also, I can't wait till the recording of Much Ado About Nothing gets online. I can't think of Beatrice as Catherine Tate; to me she's just Donna, and Donna finally gets the Doctor!

Yhea, I wondered about that as well - but I didn't really want to think about it longer... it was a bit of a scary thought XD But you're right, she probably would...

Catherine Tate as the Doctor would have been really strange imo.

Well, the Metacrisis sort of gave us a taste of it...I don't think it would be strange from a Donna perspective, just from a female-Doctor-in-general perspective.

If they would pick a female doctor, I would prefer Catherine Tate.

After reading all the comments (which I've really enjoyed reading, by the way), here are my opinions: I think that Time Lords regenerate into the gender that they were born as, except if something goes wrong with their regeneration (as it's been mentioned that things CAN go wrong while regenerating). And by judging from the Gallifreian's quite conservative society, if a Time Lord was to go from one gender to another, it very well could be taboo. And as for the Doctor's sexuality, I think that he's probably heterosexual. To be honest, I don't quite see this whole Doctor/Master thing like everyone else is seeing. Ok, so I can sorta see it. But now I will bring up the argument that I bring up in arguments like this: I am somewhat bi (I tend to lean towards the more straight side though) and my best friend (who is a girl, just mentioning that so there is no confusion) is straight. Anyone who doesn't know us very well would think that we have something going on, as we are extremely close and we both tend to flirt with each other a bit (and it's not quite like in the way that some girls pretend to be lesbian with their best friends (as I have other friends who do that)). But in reality, I have no romantic/sexual feelings for her, and she doesn't have any feelings for me (unless she's secretly not straight, which isn't entirely impossible). So that's why it bothers me a lot when people see this closeness/behavior between two characters (or real people) and they automatically assume that the two have feelings for each other. So yep, that's my take on this discussion. Feel free to argue with my opinion.

Hmm...Go watch the beginning of The End of Time Part 2. The part where the Doctor is tied up, and trying to convince the Master to run away with him. Master: "I don't know what I'd be without the drumming." Doctor: "I don't know what I'd be without you." Master (choked up): "Yeah."
QED. The phone conversation in "The Sound of Drums" has a similar effect, though not as blatant.

First: Katy, I have about the same idea about his sexuality as well. I think he's mainly heterosexual. He's just a flirt and when guys like Jack and the Master show up, he sometimes flirts with them. I just don't think he'll ever have a relationship with a guy, but I can imagine him having a snog, you know, like when Jack suprised the doctor with a kiss he wouldn't make a fuss about it. I think it's only natural - somehow I can't imagine someone not leaning towards bisexuality for at least a little when you're older than 900. In all those years there must have been SOMEONE of the same sex/opposite sex (the opposite that you usually find attractive) that you find yourself attracted to.

Alix, I haven't watched that episode yet but I believe you on your words and it does sound pretty romantic. On the other hand, I still think that they are afraid to lose eachother because they are the last timelords instead of anything real romantic. Not that I wouldn't like to see John Simms/David Tennant, don't get me wrong. It would make me jump around the room and make my screen explode because it wouldn't be able to take the awesomeness.

I totally agree with what you're saying. It would be pretty much impossible to live for that long and never have any bisexual tenancies. 


Hmm, yeah, I see what you mean. And I just watched "Castrovalva", Peter Davison's first episode, where there's this whole thing where the Master just has to see the Doctor's face one more time before he destroys him, and he refuses to kill the Doctor until he sees him one last time. I'm still not sure if that means they ever had anything going on though.

well that sounds just as much like the relationship between many heroes and long time villains be it Batman and the Joker, Bond and Blowfeld or plenty of others.  it's more of a, 'i have to know it's him/ that he'll be dead.'


and i just opened it up for all the crazies who insist their slash fic makes total sense, didn't i?


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