Hello my darlings. 
Long time, no see. I've been thinking that it's been a long time since we've just had a nice, friendly chat. I've missed talking with you. 
How's your life? Have you moved recently? How were finals? Are you liking the new decade? You read any good books lately?
We should reacquaint ourselves.

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It was pretty much an open door ^.^
Fred, I would like you to know that you are on my list. The full list will not be exposed until the 18th.
I'm really hoping it's a good list ^.^
Hello, Fred! My life's been pretty good; I started college, got a job, did well in my first semester of college, and now here I am in my second semester. What about you, how's life?
College is good ^.^
Well, I'm pretty good, thanks for asking.
Ooh, I'm in French III. We're language-level buddies ^.^
Yeah, see, I expected that by ten years into the future we'd have flying cars. But no.


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