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Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie and thought it was so great/funny/amazing that when you saw the actual film, you were actually constantly praying for it to get a teensy bit better? (But it never did.)

Post them here.

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I'll start. Mine would have to be Just Friends.

Ack. I almost went to see that. Thanks!
Jumper. It took my friends a while to decide who was going with us, and what car(s) we were taking, and what showing, and I was like, "This movie better be as good as the trailer!" and I was really disappointed.

Also, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Then again, the Jonas Brothers' cover of "Hello Goodbye" is better than that movie...
Don't look it up. It's 2 minutes of hell.
I looked it up.
Now I can't unhear it.
Oh, another one's Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Ack. I just didn't like the movie :|


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