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Okay, I decided that my summer goal was to read only one book this summer. That's right, a task I have never accomplished before: read one book. Of course, the length and scope of the book kind of keeps me from reading any others. It's massive.

It's also Ulysses by James Joyce.

So I was wondering...can anyone give me some helpful tips on reading it? I'm about 50 pages in, and am kind of confused. I though this book was about some guy named Bloom, not Stephen Dedalus from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? What is Ulysses about, anyway?

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english lit degree peeps have written hundreds upon hundreds of papers on what Ulysses is or what it is about. And honestly if someone says they 'get' Ulysses or know what it is about they are probably lying. That book is brilliant don't get me wrong the last 40 pages (sorry you have quite a way to go) are some of the most thought provoking lines in history (if oddly wrote). 

If you didn't know this book was written during the modernist period and they were into to writing stuff which didn't look like anything that had been created at the time. They wanted to rip up language and the structure of writing and see what would happen. This lead to many works being odd or ambiguous.

Still read it please, yes it is hard and odd and such but just keep going. It is not just for professors and such to write and discuss him but for everyone he writes thought provoking stuff. Bloom comes in later don't worry.  

Happy Reading


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