I'm super new to Tumblr so I want to start following (and hopefully they follow me) some awesome Nerdfighters. SO, if you want, could you post your Tumblr account or some cool Tumblr account that I should follow, and i'll follow it. Also, if you want to follow mine its:


Thanks Nerdfighters!

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i'll follow you:)
I'm new to tumblr as well, I'm still feeling out the there, I'm not really sure how it works. :p
Awesome! I'm new too, here's mine :)
Aggh I just stepped in this tonight too.
I'm new to tumblr as well. I'll follow all of you :)
Yay! Nerdfighters on Tumblr FTW! is my 'quote' Tumblr, my 'photo' Tumblr ;)


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