does anyone have tumblr here? O: please reply to this post with your blog and i will follow back ;DDD

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I'm a bit of a newbie on tumblr :) also, I got over-excited when kickthepj off youtube liked one of my posts, then embarassed at what I'd said >D
haha don't worry, i'm new too :)

....What's tumblr?
It's like a blender for salads. I'm pretty much a newbie as well, even though I signed up a while back, most of my posts are tweets.
hahahaha true that ;)

Yes, my url is -headdesk-. I'm starting to get into the NaNo mood. >.>

As always, I'm following everyone whose link I see, and I always follow back!
I tend to reblog cool stuff I see... sometimes original stuff :D

I follow anyone who follows me back!

This is like a blog/place of optimism and beauty for me. I hope everyone enjoys it! :D

Mine is mostly full of obtuse Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Musicals shiz that I and I alone find amusing. -_-


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