Just me here wondering if any other awesome nerdfighters participated in To Write Love on Her Arms day. If so what was your expierience.

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I did. I wrote "LOVE" really big on my left arm, and one kid asked me about it, but otherwise it was an unremarkable day. I find it... ironic? that today was Friday the 13th.
yeah is really is we had a couple people in our school who did it but a lot of people thought we were wierd. I had it three times on my left arm and wrist.
I wrote love on both arms. Nobody asked me about it but by posting on dailybooth I got 2 friends to write love on their arms as well. :)
Before i did really know what this was. I new it had something to do with Suicide. I went to there website and read about it. it make me really sad. Tomorrow i'm going to write love on my arm.
My friend and I wrote love on our arms, and it was pretty cool. But overall, the day was pretty uneventful. I ended up writing love in different languages on both of my arms (I'm ambidextrous if you're wondering).


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