Type-able version of the nerdfighter hands/typed greeting

So that's pretty much the most awkwardly phrased title ever... but anywho; I was thinking that it would be nice to come up with some kind of typed symbol or something to use when we want to do nerdfighter hands or just as a sort of signature thing on the computer. Yeah, very awkwardly phrased, hopefully you all know what i mean.


p.s.- i have no suggestions myself, i can't think of anything or i would just start using it and not even bother with this.
p.p.s.- i'm going to try to read and respond to people but my last thread got pretty big and i didn't even have the time/attention span to read them all. (okay it wasn't that big i'm just lazy- go check it out though!)

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,<>, ?
No, wait, that's thumbs down, no one does it thumbs down. Try '<>' ?
that's cool. although i feel like it would be too small :( gimme a minute...
Dang it, the Internet thinks I'm using code. Let's try something different.


Maybe that for the Nerdfighter symbol? Or possibly something involving glasses:


Maybe add puff levels?

i like the first one, and lol at the puff levels.
Going for the obvious and not the creative here...

lol i knew someone would say that. i was thinking more like a symbol though. i'm actually going through my special characters at the moment to try and find something. that way it's easy to type and such.
This is the best I could come up with. It's a big symbol though...

\"// ~puff levels
o_o ~face
>x< ~crossed arms with vulcan hands
. .
>-br />
I thought I'd try just for the heck of it... That's the best I can do though.
With credit to Jim MacDougal and Anne Boleyn for the inspiration, how about:


Things I like about it:

(1) It has all the fingers, the thumbs, and the crossed arms.
(2) It has sort of a devil (horns)/angel (wings) vibe, which is an interesting dichotomy.
(3) It has sort of a scifi spaceship thing going on at the same time, I think. Can't get much nerdier than that.
(4) It's simple and easy to type.

Whaddaya think?
Ooh, I was almost going to start my own discussion about this because I was thinking about exactly the same thing!
By the way, I do like (maybe with glasses?)
\"// ......... \"//
o_o ......... -0-0-
>x< .......... >x<
a lot, even though it's a bit big to use as a signature thing.
My friends and I were discussing this too, and I thought maybe \\// \\// as the vulcan hands.
But then I realized that may resemble a tipped cow or some other tetrapod that has lost its balance. :\


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