I'm writing a story that takes place in England and I have a Briticism question.

What you guys call "flats" we call "apartments" (I don't expect this to have shocked you). The building all the apartments are in is, unsurprisingly, called the "apartment building". What would be the equivalent British term? Please and thank you!!

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Flatbuilding I supose. It's not something I would think about, but that is it usually. I think.Or just flats.
I'm in ireland, which is not part of the UK
but apartment building/apartment complex/flats/apartment block are terms used in the US, England & Ireland. So any of these would be politically correct.
I live in Sussex, in England.
We call them a block of flats. Lots of people just say flats in convocation.

I hope this helps x
block of flats is generally what it's known as round here :D xx
It's a block of flats
I don't even say that I just call it a block, I think it's the inflection I use when saying it that makes it clear what I'm talking about.
Block of flats for me too. Or just 'them flats'.


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