Are YOU taking part in NANOWRIMO this year?

For the uneducated out there, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It's November- you begin after midnight on Halloween and type or scribble madly until midnight on the 30th, upload the typed manuscript for word count verification, and if it's over 49,999 words, you've won!

What you do next with said 50,000+ is up to you.

But no matter how busy you are, it's worth a shot. I didn't finish it my first year, and I LOVE the manuscript that I came up with. It's full of ideas, it's waiting to be reworked, and I really think it has a
chance of being something great. I won in 2007, and have had a couple other positive experiences from it..


If you ARE registered with NaNo, feel free to friend me!

I've also got another forum that I belong to that's a bunch of writers... There's usually between six and seven who attack NANOWRIMO with a vengeance each year. So by putting our novels up together in the forum for mutual support... It's a really powerful feeling of fun and camaraderie.

The forum's here:

Feel free to move this thread to the most appropriate category, but I think this is a major Nerdfighteria happening that a lot of members take part in.

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Haha...I have the same dilema! I want the copy, but I'm not too keen on having people read it, as poorly edited as it is.

I think that if I DO decide to get it...I'll lock it away in a metal box under my bed never to see the light of day...or at least until I can stir myself into action to properly edit it...

I'm definitely not keen on having people read mine. In fact, the copy would most likely just be for me to have when my beloved Macbook eventually dies. It'll be nice to have some kind of lasting version of my novel, even if it does make me cringe every time I read it and think of a better idea to add in. 

I think we should go for it, yeah? Just to have something, some proof that we did it. Also, it makes it official in a way. However, cover art will definitely be a problem for me, and there will be some major editing going on before I send it in. :)


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