Hey everyone,

I woke up today to two copies of the fault in our stars. That I pre-ordered in JULY. None the less, they are unsigned.
I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? I order it from Amazon UK, just so you know where the problem is coming from...

Would they send me two more with the Signatures? :( I really did want them. And I'm pretty devastated that I didn't get them. And considering I preordered and John said ALL preordered will be signed...

Anyway, I hope everyone got a signed copy and they're enjoying :)

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I've done so, thank you for your help :)

the same thing happened to me I was all "happy dance"...... :O amazon uk :@ also thanks because I would have had no idea what to do! 

I was doing my happy dance too. But then I did my sad dance :(
But John has said he will fix it and I have full faith that he will. I just hope it's kind of soon; not trying to sound impatient. :)

you never know we may get something extra special :D most likely not but, hey.  its not going to affect the quality of writing I'm enjoying the book XD even though i should be revising for my exam tomorrow! :)

:O! That would be amazing!

The book is amazing so far. I love it. As I do with all of John's writing. :)

Good luck with the exam tomorrow! Even though you'll have Hazel in your head :D

I'm really worried now because I pre-ordered from Amazon UK as well :/

Mine hasn't arrived yet though. 

And also, I ordered mine only a couple of weeks ago. Will it be signed or was I too late?

It should be signed, ALL preorders were supposed to be signed. But unfortunately, there's been a mix up at the Amazon shipping place. So it could be signed, but there's no way of telling.
IF you don't get a signed one, follow John's directions and I'm sure he'll sort it out :)

Hope you get your Copy tomorrow. It really is a good read, so far :)

The estimated delivery date is 14th :(

Mine was the 16th. But I guess it's just the luck of the draw. You'll get it soon :)

My Expected delivery date is tomorrow(12th), but it still says its in Scotland(free shipping, not expecting it for a few days), so i don't have a clue whether it will be signed, though i did only order it a few weeks ago

As long as it was before the pre-order closing date it should be signed. BUT, there is a possibility that it might not be. But follow what John said to do (if it's unsigned) then he'll sort it out for you :)

Actually got my book today (12th) and it was signed. i am happy for me but feel sad for all the uk (and other) nerdfighters (Like yourself) who didn't get one. I hope John gives you all something nice.

ps. no hanklerfish :(


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