I say the only thing I don't like about valentines day is that everyone's expectations on he holiday are different and that can send tons of mixed messages to people.

You send a card to a friend and she wants to date you because she thinks your asking her out.
You send a card to a girl you wanna date and she thinks it's a card about friendship and she totally wants to be your friend.
You send a much to mushy card and you creep out who ever the recipient is.
But if you explain a card thoroughly though it loses it's magical valentines day aura. That totally ruins the card completely.

So dammed if you do, damned if you don't.
Yet it's so fun to play the game, I can't help but do it. *Devil horns*

A girl made a poem once in highschool. I really liked her and I figured that was her way of saying it back. Boy was I wrong. I asked her out and she denied me so bad. One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me. I was so sure she liked me back. Hahahaha.

Do any of you have awkward or funny valentines day stories?

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That was painful to read, which I'm assuming was your objective. In that case... *applauds*
I haven't actually burst out laughing for a while and that last example really did it for me.
I just picked out the thing that made me cringe most without having to overthink it.
I don't like Valentines day. I know I know.. that is what people without boyfriends/girlfriends say. But I really don't.
I think I we should show apreciation to the ones we love all the time and since I suffer from the incredibly sad inability of doing that I hate having a day that reminds me of such tragic thing.
ok before i had a boyfriend i still loved this day!! it's a day to show the people you loved that you care about them! including friends, family, etc.
I think my comment was miss understood. Probably because I really didnt put much efford on it and my English sucks!

What I ment is that we should show people how much we love them everyday. In general I dont have the ability of showing people my apreciation for their friendship so its a sad day for me because it remainds me how bad I am at this cheesy stuff.
About the boyfriend/girlfriend thing...I said it cause in general people I know (including me) without boyfriends/girlfriends dont like this day very much.

I also think that this day has became WAY to corny.
Amen, sister friend. I totally spent the day at the mall with my "valentine" which was actually Fiona, but we both were really depressed, so just for today.
Not Valentines day. But it could be.

I was a silly young girl, so in grade 3 and 4 I had these 'boyfriends' who I never said a word to. I just passed these ridiculously sappy love notes back and forth to. There were only two of them, but they're probably both scarred for life. Anyway, One time I had one of these notes in the waistband of my pants (I had no pockets) and I was in the gym playing basketball and it fell.

My fellow classmates managed to find it. THey enjoyed my pathetic attempts to be romantic. I think it said something with "If i were a picture, you should fill me in." This implied that this boy was to complete me.

My classmates don't let me forget.
I don't do Valentine's Day, primarily because I lack a Valentine.

But I've found that, if you ARE sending out Valentines, the safest thing to do is a huge mass send out. If you do anything at all, maybe bring in candy with little cards attached, and give them to ALL of your friends, crushes included. That way, no mixed signals. Sure, you only get one across ("I like you as a friend") but it's better than embarrassing yourself.

I haven't got any "awkward" or funny stories, but I spent my '08 Valentine's Day morning wasting four hours of my life learning SAT prep studd that I'd already learned by sitting on my butt in a computer classroom at a school I DON'T go to with no one I knew...which sucked. But that's not funny. That's just depressing.

A friend of mine got asked out on Valentine's day once. The guy sent her one of those carnations that the school cheerleaders will sponsor and the card attached to it was a REALLY bad poem. And I don't mean like, dirty bad, but just plain awful. It was sweet in overall context, so she said yes, but still. It was cute.
My Freshman year of High School my group of acquaintances in Foods II decided that we should all send each other Crush cans (Crush being an orange soda pop) for during Valentine's Day. The "Crush" thing is sponsored either by Prom Committee or a sports program, I can't remember. Anyways, there was five of us in the group, so we each ended up getting four. For some reason I couldn't put two and two together (oh wait, I mean: like usual, I couldn't put two and two together) and realize that they would be delivering all of the Crush cans at once. So in the middle of World History this cheeka comes in and hands me four cans of Crush and my teacher goes "Whoa! Look at the girl with all the boyfriends!"

This might not seem funny or awkward to anyone else, but I was a very, very, very shy High School Freshman. It was awkward.
Your story is really funny, and my opinion of you has not changed, don't worry.
Damn. I had no idea you were such a slut. Gosh Phin, your like damaged goods now. I'm glad this joke has come from another thread and will hopefully continue here.
They did that @ my school this year. I, of course, did not receive one.


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