I say the only thing I don't like about valentines day is that everyone's expectations on he holiday are different and that can send tons of mixed messages to people.

You send a card to a friend and she wants to date you because she thinks your asking her out.
You send a card to a girl you wanna date and she thinks it's a card about friendship and she totally wants to be your friend.
You send a much to mushy card and you creep out who ever the recipient is.
But if you explain a card thoroughly though it loses it's magical valentines day aura. That totally ruins the card completely.

So dammed if you do, damned if you don't.
Yet it's so fun to play the game, I can't help but do it. *Devil horns*

A girl made a poem once in highschool. I really liked her and I figured that was her way of saying it back. Boy was I wrong. I asked her out and she denied me so bad. One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me. I was so sure she liked me back. Hahahaha.

Do any of you have awkward or funny valentines day stories?

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I in fact just did eat a burrito... But how did you know that?
Whatever you do, don't look under your bed.
I'm just proud that you did. feb. 14th is national eat a burrito day, I did yesterday too :)
bean 'n' cheez
right now "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. is on the radio.
how awkward must that be for a loving couple...
HAHA, that's so funny!
Books are for reading not for making out behind.
I'm about to encounter a rather awkward Valentine's Night.

Of course tonight is the school dance. Why wouldn't it be? Ugh.
As per usual, everyone goes in these big groups when it's the dance, be it Homecoming, MORP, Prom, or, in this case, WPA [which is the same as Sadie Hawkins].
Because it's Valentine's Day, it's impossible to find a reservation at a hotel. Like anywhere. Sooooo we're [the group] having dinner at this one girl's house. Trouble is, I like... don't know the hostess very well. Or at all. Silly nerds and their love of the internet too well to have friends.
So I'm the only single lady [all the single ladies, all the single ladies...] at this chick's house. Ugh.

At least my dress is pretty!
Not that funny or awkward, but I once made homemade valentines for everyone in my 4th grade class. Personalized, mostly heart-themed animals, like a crabby with hearts for claws. Mind you, there were 26 people in my class. It took forever. Everyone loved them though! ^_^
Awww that's so nice of you.
I really dislike V-day, always have - last year though I had a boyfriend, which proved to be problematic. So I informed him of my hatred, explained my reasons, and told him that I just wanted to treat the day like any other.

Of course, that didn't happen.
He did something really cute and mushy that made me rather uncomfortable, involving public displays of adoration and flowers and stuff. It would've been pretty adorable had I actually been that sort of girl. Anyway, as revenge, I got a whole bunch of Hershey's Kisses and created an elaborate swastika out of them in the middle of the band room for him. It was pretty spectacular, actually - everyone was a bit too horrified to move it, so it stayed like that all day, for the world to see and know.

Best. Thing. Ever.
I... wow. WOW.
I am really intrigued to know why you dislike the holiday so much.
If you have already said so, please toss me a link.
I feel bad for your old boyfriend. He got stuck with one angry mother fucker!


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