I say the only thing I don't like about valentines day is that everyone's expectations on he holiday are different and that can send tons of mixed messages to people.

You send a card to a friend and she wants to date you because she thinks your asking her out.
You send a card to a girl you wanna date and she thinks it's a card about friendship and she totally wants to be your friend.
You send a much to mushy card and you creep out who ever the recipient is.
But if you explain a card thoroughly though it loses it's magical valentines day aura. That totally ruins the card completely.

So dammed if you do, damned if you don't.
Yet it's so fun to play the game, I can't help but do it. *Devil horns*

A girl made a poem once in highschool. I really liked her and I figured that was her way of saying it back. Boy was I wrong. I asked her out and she denied me so bad. One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me. I was so sure she liked me back. Hahahaha.

Do any of you have awkward or funny valentines day stories?

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that made my day!!!!!
I'm glad you enjoyed my story :-)
I never had any awkward Valentine's Days. I was always pretty smooth with them... and by smooth I mean I didn't make an ass out of myself on Valentine's Day, which can get harder when you have a girl friend that loves the holiday and you don't see any point in it, so she's expecting something special and you don't realize that until the day of.
i have tragic valentine's stories....they aren't very awkward or even good for laughs. but i still like the holiday ^-^ I was single this year and it was just a fantastic day. Granted I had to teach class. But I went to the cake shop and then I drove to the top of the mountain nearby and took photos. I think just being in Japan makes every holiday happier for me <3
My brother once bought a carnation for everyone in his class. He had to filll out all of the cards and buy all of the flowers with saved allowance. He's so sweet. <3
This year I made heart shaped sugar cookies and gave them to my friends.
Nothing really awkward, sorry. :p
I love it!
When I was seven this boy who I was "dating" (which involved playing at each other's houses and sitting together on the bus to school) was going to move but he didn't know if he was going to in February or July. It wound up being in Jul. But I was worried that I wouldn't be able to give him a valentine so I came home from first grade and cut out this really angular heart from construction paper, colored it pink, lined it with lace from my mom's sewing kit, and wrote "Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so are you" on it in a red crayon. I know. I was such a creative child. I walked down to his house but my mom came with me. Michael's mom opened the door and I asked if he was home. He came to the door and I gave him the valentine while really awkwardly looking at my feet and reading the poem to him with our mothers talking about how cute and sweet we were above our heads. lol
Here's my funny tale, and its from yesterday's V-day. Its a little NC 17, so look away baby eyed nerdfighters.

I bought a bottle of champagne to surprise my boyfriend, and as a joke I bought him one of the $1.99 male enhancement pills they sell at the counter of every gas station. When the clerk was ringing me up, he looked at the MaxLast Male Stimulater pill and grinned, "Wanna buy some condoms too?".
I go in this store every day.
I laughed the whole drive home.
HAHA, wow that made me laugh so hard, that was hilarious!


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