I love food. How bout you? This is a survery to see how many nerdfighters are vegetarians or meat eaters, so please reply

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Hey Slam Poet, if you feel like you'd like to give up or cut down on meat, read 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer: I was already a long-time veggie when i read it and already knew all of the arguments, but I still thought it was brilliant. I've heard a lot of people say they were going veg because of it though, so it might help you pull yourself away from meat as you put it.
I'm a vegetarian because I think that the US agriculture system is totally messed up. I would eat meat grown from cow stem cells though! That way, no animal has to suffer!
Vegetarian. (:
I eat no chicken, beef, pork, lamb, duck, etc.
I eat eggs, and dairy products.
And because I'm still young, I eat fish for the nutrients.
However, when I hit 20, I'm giving up fish too. ^__^
I'm a vegetarian, I have been for almost six years. I switched when I was not because I'm an animal lover, but because I wanted to see if I could do it. I did. And I've been doing it ever since.
I'm a vegetarian.

A general rant unrelated to anything in this thread...I hate when vegetarians get a bad rep for trying to push it on other people, because meat eaters try to get me to eat meat ALL THE FUCKING TIME. "Why don't you eat meat?!" "Because I don't feel that it is good for the environment." "BUT IT IS BECAUSE...! BUT MEAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!"

Um, okay. I don't try to push it on you, so please leave me alone. =___=
I try to keep pescatarian, but sometimes I do eat poultry, but try to keep it to less than one time a week.

I have no problem with meat, but I really wish my family could go local-organic. In this economy, we can't really do it, sadly. If I do go back to eating meat when I get older, I'll get it from a humane farm.
EDIT: I meant to say "no more than once a week. Typos suck.
meat, hoora
I've tried to be a vegetarian, but it's too difficult in my family, so I just try to eat less meat. But I love fish!

Vegetarian, almost vegan :)

I wanna be a vegetarian, but my mom won' let me until my blood tests are A-OK(a little anemic.)

Meat is tasty though.


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