I love food. How bout you? This is a survery to see how many nerdfighters are vegetarians or meat eaters, so please reply

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I absolutely love meat.
Heck yeah!
lol i agree w/ you guys...
I am a veggie! Going on 6 years now and I don't miss meat at all!
Je suis une omnivore.
moi aussi!
I was born a vegetarian.
Meat all the way baby! It's a moral decision really, I can't bear to kill those poor defenseless plants.

In all seriousness I love meat, but try to enjoy it in moderation: sensible portion sizes, and plenty of non-meat protein in the diet. I eat more chicken than beef, plus a decent amount of cheese and eggs.

There is an ecological argument for meat consumption within a system of sustainable agriculture that basically goes: "we can't eat grass/worms/whatever, but we can raise creatures that can, and eat them" ... I know this doesn't apply to modern agriculture, but it's still interesting.
The thought of living without meat genuinely depresses me.
Oh goodness, meat is the food of gods.

Damn, I'm hungry now.
I have been a vegetarian since December this year.
I was a vegetarian for a year and a half, and then i took a year break, and now i'm back on. I eat fish.


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