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Now that we all know that Vidcon is being held in LA again, is anyone going?


I went last year and it was AWESOME. So I'm definitely going again. ;{D

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I'm going. :)

I really want to go, but there's no way I can afford it with my pay :C

I can afford the $80 ticket, and if I get someone to go with me, I can afford the Hotel, but I haven't even looked at airfare from Toronto :\

But I really hope everyone who goes has an awesome time :D

Aww, that sucks. Maybe next year? :D
Lol, that's what I thought last year :) I think I'll just have to live in through the videos that'll be posted.
If you are still looking I wouldn't mind sharing the cost of a room.  I haven't made reservations yet. Coming from Phoenix.
I was going to go but then I got accepted to go on a trip to the UK and that costs quite a bit more....I'll be going on that insteade, sadly it's during vidcon so the cances of seeing (stalking) Charlie and Alex is nill =( Have fun everyone that's going!
I'm going!

I'm for sure going. I was so miserable that I missed all the fun last year. No way thats happening this year!

anyone need a roomate? :p

Probably (need a room-mate/room-mates).

I also need people to travel with. :P

I'm planning on staying in San Francisco for a few days and then driving/taking the bus to LA. Visiting Not-Sunnydale high and other sorts of nerdy tourism. I've got one other person along with me, but it would be awesome if someone else wanted to go too.

Eugh I have no money to go :'[ there better be a vidcon 2012! Who's with me!
I am coming from Phoenix and would love to have anyone along for the ride to share the cost of gas.  Also wouldn't mind sharing a room.


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