Hi :D

I'm attending VidCon this year, but unfortunately I'm going alone (altogether now: "LONER!") because I have no awesome nerdy friends that like YouTube.

I was wondering if there are any Nerdfighters in the same position that would like to be my VidCon Buddy? This will relieve the whole awkwardness of roaming around, pretending to text to look busy lol


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Hi! I think I know a guy going, called Matt-he's a good friend of mine (from youtube-but nonetheless for five years!) why don't you look him up he's called MGphenom, maybe you could partner up with him?
Sounds awesome! Now to just go through with asking a guy to accompany some weird random girl to VidCon...

Do you have a youtube accont? If you do, I could just tell him that I know someone in need of a friend, next time we're chatting online! :)

It's :)
Just a warning: I have some really weird and pointless videos, so if he changes his mind, I'd completely understand LOL

Thanks again Robyn! :D
Hi! I'm Alyssa and if you still need a Vidcon Buddy, I'm up for it! None of my friends could go and I'm going alone (which is, I agree, super awkward) . So if you want, we could hang out together! :)

I would absolutely love to! If I get to go...

Do you have a youtube? We can subscribe and as the time gets nearer. lol.

I just got my ticket :D I'm actually going with my grandma who is also a nerdfighter, my mom is a nerdfighter too and she would go if she didn't hate traveling so much. Hope to see you there! :)


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