Recently me and my friends have been having an argument over which is the most awesome; violins or clarinets?

The teams are:

Violins-Me, Marion and Alyssa

Clarinets-Lucy, Hannah and Emily


I'm mainly doing this to show end our argueing and that.


Me and Marion say that violins are better coz Sherlock Holmes plays one and they are better for playing the Doctor Who theme tune on.

Lucy says clarinets are better coz   ??????


Soo.....which do you think is more awesome and why???

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Well one of my best friends is a jazz clarinet major, I have to say violin a. because it has a more smooth sound and b. squidward plays clarinet and he's a jerk... 

A GOOD clarinet player will have a smoother sound than an equally good violinist.

Well both of your arguments seem pretty weak to me.

Violins are better because they are also fiddles whereas clarinets are just clarinets. You do have to blow them [clarinets] into to play them and that's always funny but then you also have to clean the spit out. You're not supposed to get spit all over your violin, if someone got spit all over my violin I would probably have to use it to knock their teeth out. Of course it might be slippery since it does have spit all over it so if it fell out of my hands they might have gotten me there but I can still use my teeth so ultimately the fight is mine. Never count on slobbering all over a blunt weapon as being your primary means of winning a battle because it'll never work out in the end. 

I can't take people who play clarinet seriously.

violin, i like the sound better and you can play really cool songs on it such as viva la vida and the indian jones theme song

I'll stand by my woodwind brethren and say clarinet.


You can play the Sherlock theme tune with just a violin but it sounds weird on a clarinet


You start off on violin plucking it so it physically can't sound bad and Jake has kind of proved in orchestra that clarinets can sound bad when you want them to


Alyssa joined campaign Violins Rock when she was in orchestra. I can't exactly remember when but she still did!




PS Your profile pic is hot

Absolutely clarinet.  I play various instruments, at a time I had to give up one because I couldn't study them all, and I gave up the violin because I preferred others.  I have played the clarinet (particularly alto and bass clarinets) for years and am always pleased with the sound it can produce.


This is hard... I play both instruments but I would have to say I prefer violin over my clarinet. Although violin is harder it has a much nicer sound :D

definitely violins...

Violins. As Eddie Izzard said "only about 5 people in the world can play the clarinet." It's true. Most people sound terrible on it. Violins, violins, violins.


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