Earlier tonight me and my friend were talking and the topic of virginity came up. I asked her how she wanted her first time to be, and she said that she hadn't given it much thought, and didn't really care about "the specifics". I'd always thought that girls put a lot of thought into this kind of thing, so I decided to make a discussion on the Ning about it =)

Ok guys and girls, tell me your thoughts on virginity. How/when/where do you plan on losing yours? Do you still have yours? Do you regret doing it too soon? Was it everything you ever imagined it to be? etc.

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I lost my virginity pretty late actually, 20 years old, to a guy I wasn't exclusive with.  We had fooled around for a bit before that, and...gravity said I lose it, so I did (when I say I fell on him...and it happened...its' what I mean.  I slipped.)  I was more alright with it than he was.  He knew I was a virgin and wanted my first time to be special (as...2 in the afternoon with a guy you only met 2 months prior, is not that special.)  I had to talk him into letting us continue...and I enjoyed myself heaps!  I don't regret a thing!  I was old enough to deal with the consequences and the risks, and in a place where I was OK with it happening.  Also, I got a fantastic story out of the deal, which makes people laugh...and I love making people smile, even if it's at my own expense (read: this isn't my expense, but I will engage in self depreciating humor as a rule.)


But, My rules and thoughts on sex have never been profound.  Sex can be a huge intimate experience, or it can...not.  Losing my virginity was a trust thing more than a love thing, and I accept that.  In fact, a few days before I actually did it, I had a conversation with my friend asking why the first time having sex had to be so profound.  WHY did it have to involve candles and love, and all of it?  Society amps up "firsts" a lot, first baby, first birthday, first time driving, first time with anything.  We make it special, but usually it's special for other people.  Iv'e never been comfortable with any of my 'firsts', they're usually done with people I don't like, don't trust, and often, terrifying. Why did first time have to be any different?  I laughed before, during, and after my first time, it was perfect in the fact that it was imperfect, and probably flawed by most people's assessments.  But it's important to me that it was done so simply, no one made a big deal about it.  It just happened, and frankly, I can't think about it without smirking to myself.


I imagined a 1 year boyfriend who I was gonna spend a lot of time with, who I loved immensely an

d trusted.  I imagined flowers, music, candles, the fantasy that girls make up.  Soft sensual, powerful.  And cuddling.

The reality was nothing more than bad balance, two kids who think they're cool (but not.), laughter, and fun.  I think I won out on that deal.

I'm sixteen and I'm still a virgin. The only age limit I've set, is that I want to wait until I'm at least 18 or 21. I feel like a lot of teenagers underestimate just how much we will be maturing within the next 3-6 years.

I have never had sex, but I enjoy the little things in being physically intimate with someone (desperate grabbing, hair pulling, etc.) and I feel like it would be okay as long as I cared about the person. I'm in no rush to lose it, and feel like I would regret it if I lost it too soon, but also feel like I don't have a real standard. Sometimes I want to wait for marriage and other times I would have no problem losing my virginity. I think it's a personal choice, really.


And I never really thought about how it would happen. But I would want it to be somewhere comfortable.

...timid bamp? This is one of my favorite ning threads ever and I don't want to see it die. 


Needs more awkward sharing of personal information!

im 18, and i was raped at a young age, so im not physically a virgin. mentally however, ive never willingly had sex with a guy. ive tried before with someone i was in a fairly serious relationship with, but whenever we got to that part i just shook and started hyperventilating. i cant quite do that yet, and im not sure ill ever be able to. girls however, thats a different story. maybe because the first girl i fell for was the one who helped me speak up against my cousin.  anywho... awkard personal-life sharing hurdle has been jumped! sucess! haha
Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you. *internet hugs* But I'm glad you were able to share it! :(
<(^.^)> hugs back! @david, @Porn, im fine now, its just a fact of life you know? just kinda a part of me that helps shape who i am. i like to see it as something that, instead of ruining that aspect of life, makes those small intimate moments with the right person so much more meaningful :)
Wow that's a horrible thing to experience, I hope things truly turned around for you.
Well, I'm a female, only 13, and certainly not a virg-out. I really don't care how I lose my virginity--spontaneous, planned, it doesn't matter too much to me. Anytime after 18 is good for me, I guess. I only really care that it's with someone I love who loves me back. I can't tell you where I met them or what their sex is; I can only tell you that they're nerd-tastic.

Lost it Saturday night.

Just so I could post on this thread. You're welcome.

Detailed story with pics, now.

>Met a guy on 4chan

>He picks me up at about 3:30 AM

>Fingers me on the highway

>Get a room at Motel 6

>Stuff happens, there is pain


>Chat a while in bed

>He drives me home

>I may or may not see him again


And I have pics of him, but they're NSFW.



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