Earlier tonight me and my friend were talking and the topic of virginity came up. I asked her how she wanted her first time to be, and she said that she hadn't given it much thought, and didn't really care about "the specifics". I'd always thought that girls put a lot of thought into this kind of thing, so I decided to make a discussion on the Ning about it =)

Ok guys and girls, tell me your thoughts on virginity. How/when/where do you plan on losing yours? Do you still have yours? Do you regret doing it too soon? Was it everything you ever imagined it to be? etc.

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Wow that's a horrible thing to experience, I hope things truly turned around for you.
Well, I'm a female, only 13, and certainly not a virg-out. I really don't care how I lose my virginity--spontaneous, planned, it doesn't matter too much to me. Anytime after 18 is good for me, I guess. I only really care that it's with someone I love who loves me back. I can't tell you where I met them or what their sex is; I can only tell you that they're nerd-tastic.

Lost it Saturday night.

Just so I could post on this thread. You're welcome.

Detailed story with pics, now.

>Met a guy on 4chan

>He picks me up at about 3:30 AM

>Fingers me on the highway

>Get a room at Motel 6

>Stuff happens, there is pain


>Chat a while in bed

>He drives me home

>I may or may not see him again


And I have pics of him, but they're NSFW.


So, nbd. Herp derp.
NSFW pics are the best kind of pics.  And good for you for making a /b/tard's dreams come true.



Still not sharing. They're miiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeene!

Well you no the rules.  Time for you to gtfo.
Shhhhhhhhh. This is the ning.

To answer your questions

Already have, didn't really plan it at all tbh


I didn't do it too soon, tbh it was the right time for me to lose it

lol no

I am a 16-year-old , a virgin, and I think virginity is overrated.

Quite honestly, what's so special about our "first"? Is it the best memory you'll have in your sex life? Afraid not. Are you going to spend the rest of your life with the person you lost your virginity too? Same as above. 

The only thing you get from sex is your first experience of something. It'll set you somewhat a starting standard to "how good a person is in bed" or "how much I enjoy sex." And when the second and the third and the fourth will come, your ladder of ranking will grow wild and the first one will probably be remembered as a total mess.

I want to lose my virginity when I feel I like a person enough and feel enough attracted to him to sleep with him. Quite honestly, I won't have to wait for a special occasion when the guy lights candles and mumbles love mushy thingies and such. When I feel I'm ready, I'm just going to go like, "Hey, you wanna have sex?"

I don't mind the age or the time, I just want to know I am doing it from my own choice and not because someone pushed me to.


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