Earlier tonight me and my friend were talking and the topic of virginity came up. I asked her how she wanted her first time to be, and she said that she hadn't given it much thought, and didn't really care about "the specifics". I'd always thought that girls put a lot of thought into this kind of thing, so I decided to make a discussion on the Ning about it =)

Ok guys and girls, tell me your thoughts on virginity. How/when/where do you plan on losing yours? Do you still have yours? Do you regret doing it too soon? Was it everything you ever imagined it to be? etc.

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I love you.
<3 I love you too.

Yo dawg, we heard you like awkward. So we put awkward information about our sex life in your already potentially awkward thread so you can learn ordinarily private details where you go to learn ordinarily private sentiments.
Awkward is what we do best

^ This is an apology for awkwarding up your thread guys
I suppose I don't really put myself up to expect anything out of loosing virginity. After the amount of things that you do in life and succeed and out of those things that you fail, chances are more often than not you will fail. I've grown a personal respect for this and tend to try and avoid expecting specific things when going into any situation, this includes loosing my virginity.
With someone I loved then and still love now :]
I was 14 and it was behind the church next to my school. I was not ready and it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I thought I understood sex and was prepared for it because I read a lot of fanfiction smut and talked a big game with my 17 year old boyfriend. But some how all that confidence disappeared when I realized we were actually gonna do it. I got scared and said no. He made me go down on him anyway. Bet you can figure out the rest.
Bet you can figure out the rest.

Maybe, I'll give you my top 3 guesses;

1- Midnight struck, and you turned back in to a pumpkin.
2- He put his dick in a box, and then he gave you that box.
3- The clouds parted, the full moon came out, and he turned in to a wolf and ran off to be with his pack.
Point taken. Be more blunt. I was raped :)
Better than you actually being a magically enchanted pumpkin.
I'm willing to concede that you might have a point there.
You know, for someone who went through what I'm sure was an incredibly traumatic experience, you take jokes about it very well. I like that.


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