What are some great things John or Hank have said in their videos? Or what are some of the best quotes from any of John's books? Anything! Something funny, inspiring, or just memorable.


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I wish I'd recorded it somehow, but while onstage yesterday John gave this whole speech about people who, like Augustus Waters, don't know how long they'll be around so they try to live their short lives heroically. He talked about other people who assume they'll live long lives, and how they make no grand gestures but still have an impact in small, ordinary ways.

Another thing that came up yesterday that I really enjoyed:

"Harry Potter and Benedict Cumberbatch!"
-Hank Green

"ther is no them, there are only facets of us" John Green April 8 2008 (Nerdfightering in bangladesh)

It's very simple, and they say it fairly often.  "The truth resists simplicity."

This is probably the most useful truth ever, even thought it (inception-ally), as all truths, resists simplicity.

Like, y'know, the truth that the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is pi. It is always pi. Pi has a definite value in every base system (in base ten it's 3.14159. . .). That's pretty simple. The truths that come out of it might be complex, but it itself is simple.


"Honey badger ate da dinosaurs"

-Henry Green

"Amendment 28 should be 'we acknowledge that earlier in this very constitution we screwed up its and it's and we are sorry.' "

"What do you mean the bag pipes? I love bag pipes. What do you mean it's not an animal? Sure it's an animal, It responds to stimulus. It can reproduce. It can't? Then what are all those holes and pointy things for?"

-John Green

"Hazel is wrong about infinite cardinality but she's right that some infinities are larger than others. I wanted her to be wrong but right because that's how we muddle through as observers of the universe, forging meaning where we can find it, from fact and fiction alike. And as my brain drowned in jet-lag, I thought of the months I lived here. So much of that time I was sick and crippled with anxiety, but all I could think about now as night fell was how much you can love made up people and how much you can miss them."

Cue tears. 

"A bad name really probably won´t lead to anything except a little bit of extra adolescent angst. And let´s be honest, adolescents are gonna find their angst somewhere; they might as well find it in their name"

Hank Green


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