I'm Raelynn. 19 university first year. Live in the U.S. (southern). I'm really interested in a collab channel. I keep getting people who are interested... and then they're not... 

Anyway, on youtube I'm lifeducks and I also do bookish things with my best friend at BookishBelles. I use my iphone to film, but I edit on my mom's desktop. 

As for the channel, I like the format of whatever pops into your head and general making friends-ness. I'd be open to having a weekly topic decided over like skype or google+. 

I'm cool with any where between like 2 and 4 more people. Girls, or not, i don't really care. I like friends. University students, or high school students, or non-students. Pretty much jut people who actually want to keep up a longstanding collab channel and make friends without being rude or judgy. 

If you're interested let me know! Comment and tell me stuff. Like name, age, country, interests, and day you'd like.

I like Mondays, well not really, but for video stuff I like Mondays. I also like Wednesdays or Tuesdays. Honestly I can make any day happen for me.

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Hey! I'm Linnea. I've been looking to start a collab too. :) 
I have a lot of ideas up and running around (if you're at all interested, I have a thread up with some of them), but have yet to find a group of people to vlog with and get to know. :) I'm eighteen, a college sophomore, and from the United States. I love Harry Potter, reading, writing, mathematics (math major for the win!), theatre, foreign languages, web design, Settlers of Catan, and getting to know people! :)

If this is still happening, shoot me an email, por favor? 

Hi I am Erin. I am 20 and a senior in college (wow I have actually never said that) and have half of next school term to finish my Bachelor's degree. I go to school on the East coast in the US. I like to read and write and LOVE to bake :) I've never done any sort of vlogging but it sounds like fun. Any day of the week would be good for me. If you are still interested let me know :)

Hi I'm 21 and just finished uni.  I am from England and have a love for most things BBC Doctor Who, Torchwood ect. ect.  

I have a few Ideas of things I woud want to do in a collab channel, but mainly I would want to get to know cool nerdfightery people.  

Hopefully you people would still be interested as it would be cool I we could start this.

Heeello! My names Priscilla. I've been looking to start vlogging again and a collab channel seems like the best way to do it!

I'm 18, (19 at the end of July!) and I'll be entering into my second year of college and I'm Canadian. I love art, and reading and I play a fair bit of music too. I'd love to get to know you guys so if any of you are still interested, maaaybe we can get something going? 

It might be too late but I am gonna go ahead and put my name down for this as well :)

I'm Conner, I am 17, I live in the UK and I am allergic to cats though my family owns about ten. I like regular things like music, books and movie but I also like writing. I am currently trying to write a novel (AND AM DOING WELL, THANKS FOR ASKING ;3)
I like Fridays, just saying. just in case this is still gonna happen


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