VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY; Kitshouse 2012 Project for Awesome Challenge

A call to nerdfighteria for volunteers to  be part of the Kitshouse P4A Tech team (see below) and/or  make for the Kitshouse Project for Awesome Community Challenge videos themed"Community; What's it to you" 

Your Kitshouse P4A Vid could be about any community at all! You and your friends, here in nerdfighteria, where you volunteer irl, your family,  a once a year event like Vidcom, Comicon, or a music festival, or cultural celebration or community.  This is a wide open conversation and you sharing your community experiences and others getting to see your vids will get more community building and conversations rolling!!

Kitshouse is an acredited nonprofit so if you need your volunteer hours accounted for then how it works is that as long as we get a Kitshouse P4A Community Challenge video by Dec 10 and you let us know how many hours you spent creating it (yes the honor system people), you will be credited for your hours.  Since nerdfighters live all over the world and Kitshouse is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we would figure out how to send you confirmation of your volunteer hourse with us digitally.

That might actually one of the many tech figuring outs that our next volunteer opportunity might do!  We would love some nerdfighter awesome as part of our P4A Tech Team to help us with uploads, making how tos, and other techie things that folks not used to the net will need.

In case you are wondering what the heck is a Kitshouse, it's an amazing nonprofit that is over 100 years old whose purpose is community building and leader fostering and has irl programs for all ages and all walks of like and who is now spreading that community building into the net!

We need the power of your awesome.  If you are looking for a fun way to decrease world suck and gain volunteer hours look no further!!

FYI, I'm Marcia, a long time nerdfighter, and I'm the volunteer spearheading this project for Kitshouse.  Here's a bit more about me =)

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Good challenge Marcia, 

I just put your post  into the right category so that more people will see your post. ^^

Don't forget to be awesome,


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