Hey there! so I'm planning to start a youtube collab channel sometime within the next couple of weeks and I'm looking for people to collab with!  You have to be between the sort of 13-16 range (and preferably male, because there's only one boy so far) and to love the internet, but that's about it. It is by no means a 'professional' collab - everyone that is in it is just starting out, its more for fun than the views, sooooo yeah, please comment if you are interested!! :)

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hello, is there still a open spot,

I'm 15, not male though.

Yes, definitely! That's great :) we're planning to start the week starting on the 29th, and we've still got a space on Saturday, if you can do that day? If not we could probably move the days around and get a day that suits :D

Hey, Saturday would be fine.

what have been planed so far?

If its still open id love to join, i am 15, and a guy.

Awesome! Add me as a friend and I'll message you about it? :D


I know this was posted like a month ago but HI :D

if it's still open... I'm female, 14, never really done videos before but have always wanted to and think a collab channel would be awesome :3 

Yay, I'm so glad people are interested! :) Add me as a friend and I'll message you about it?

Sure thing :P


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