Okay so this a response to John & Hanks videos about Warner Chillcott suddenly and without warning increasing the cost of Hank's medicine 1200%. According to this guy, that's all fine and dandy and all that needs to happen for the price to go down is for another company come out with same drug for a cheaper price! Yay! Patents don't exist anymore!! Here's the link:


Anyway, I'd like to hear what you all think. Do you agree with Lee's assesment of Hank's situation, or should Warner-Chillcott die in fire?


P.S: On a more serious note, what is the best way for healthcare to operate and what are some solutions to our current system? Yes solutions people. Not arguments or finger pointing. Solutions.

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Solution? National health care. Us Brits got something right if only that.


Everyone should be able to get medical treatment, no matter what their financial situation is. Thankfully, universal healthcare is on its way into America. 

No it isn't.
A bill is in the process of being passed. Congress is pretty split on the issue now and is trying to rewrite it.

Universal healthcare doesn't cover the cost of drugs. Same as a private health insurer won't.


I live in Australia, and everyone here knows the private system is far superior to the free, public system. Whether the higher quality in the private sector is a result of increased competition from the public sector is a different story, though.



Really? Wow. I thought that universal healthcare would cover all or almost all medical expenses. 

At least now most common medicines are available in cheaper generic versions, but it all still adds up, and not all medicines are available in generics. 

"Patents don't exist", now where exactly did this come from?


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