Since two days ago i am attempting to watch all of the brotherhood 2.0 vids. I'm only at June 2007. Wish Me Luck!

Oh, and by the way french the llama is my txting signature now!

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Did this just last week. Coincidentally, teachers don't accept feeding a vlog addiction as an acceptable excuse for slacking on your finals.
i did this like a year ago. Dude, you are in for some serious laughs, and a sore butt from sitting and watching them all.
i didnt sit, i laid down on a blanet staying up till 3 am then sleeping for 3 hrs until 6 am then watch from were i left off, while anagramming random things and playing games
It's some of the most fun you can have isn't it? Oh Nerdfighteria, I love you.

If you are an enthusiastic nerdfighter you might want to check out the Government of Nerdfighteria.
yeah ive seen it its pretty cool
lol, I did that. It took me like a week everyday after school. Wathcing about nonstop. It was a good week.
I've done this twice now, two summers in a row...
I'm currently on my second watch-through. I'm at the end of February of Brotherhood
I find it's useful to remind myself of recurring jokes and whatnot. I'm going to make it a summer tradition.
im on my second im already at
I am doing the same thing.

Last weekend I went from the start to November.
This weekend I watched from November to the end of 2007

Only another 2 years to watch!

Good luck :)


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