Y'all remember the video Hank did recently called "Stop Embarrassing Yourself"? I sent my English teacher the link because one of our vocab words that week had been epitome, and we had also been talking about other commonly confused words. And she decided to show it in class! We were going to watch "MY FRIEND CHESTER" as well, but the file was a little too big for (BTW, side note: anybody know of some other free file conversion sites?). We've now just finished reading The Great Gatsby, and my Nerdfighter friend Emily sent the teacher the link to John's "Froghoppin' with Gatsby."


My point here is not to brag about how awesome my teacher is (although she is SUPERAMAZINGANDWONDERFUL). What I noticed is that people really enjoyed Hank's video. People you might not think would be Nerdfighters are getting into it because my teacher showed that video. So I have a mission for you: if you can find a relevent video by the vlogbrothers, please try to encourage your teachers to show them in class. This is a great way to recruit Nerdfighters!


Has anyone else been able to watch the brothers Green in an institution of learning??

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I don't now if anything will come of it, but I sent Hank's video about the hubble telescope to my philosophy teacher cause we were talking about it in our lesson today. I actually did just because of this post - sending stuff to my teachers is not the sort of thing i normally do :P
I'm a 1st year engineer right now, and i had a really great relationship with my grade 12 physics teacher last year. On wednesday i sent him Hanks song about quarks, appearently he showed it in his class :D
I love that song :D
My Chemistry teacher loves playing songs in class that have to do with elements, so I've been sifting through Hank's songs looking for the perfect one for class.
And I plan on showing "Stop embarrassing yourself" to my English teacher as well =]
I sent a link of John's thought bubble on health care to my political science professor- she showed it in class and we had a huge discussion on it. It was amazing. (Thank you John! It was nice to understand the health care debate in a simple manner, even if it wasn't specific or detailed. Getting the general idea was so helpful.) :)
I go on ecogeek and when I'm supposed to be doing other school work in class. Does that count? :P

If something is relevant to what we are learning, I'll see if I can get one of my teachers to play a video. That's a great idea! :)


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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