hi i think we should have a gathering in Leeds, some time. if you are interested please comment on this and give some ideas of when and were in Leeds  

love rhi

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Argh, I can't do then, I'm busy from the 2nd to the 13th April :\ Damnit...

im sorry :(

ok guys im going to say that we go on the Thursday 5Th April, cause i need to tell my friend. hope you can all make it. and what time do you guys think, i was thinking around 12 outside the train station, so we all have time to get there and we can go for something to eat and find out what we want to do. what do you think? 

OK my mum might not let me go :( but it is still on so please tell me if you are coming. and if im not aloud to go (fingers crossed that i am) don't just not have it cause i was the one who organised it. i will keep you posted.

hey there, i know im a bit late to the party but i'd love to join the gathering if that's cool? let me know :)

of course it cool feel free to join  

My friend and I are planning on coming, who else is?

I am good for the 5th as well  

So is that like 7 of us?? :) (including some random friends) :)

if my mum lets me go i think so, i still don't know if i can yet. i kind of lied to her about going to this, she thought i was just going to Leeds with my friends, and then she found out i am meeting people of the internet, lets just say she's not happy with me. but she hasn't sad i cant go yet (so fingers crossed)

i should be able to make it.

Me and two of my friends should be coming


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