hi i think we should have a gathering in Leeds, some time. if you are interested please comment on this and give some ideas of when and were in Leeds  

love rhi

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Yes Yorkshire gathering! Let's do it?

I live in  Leeds! There are people that share my interests from the internet meeting in my home city? I don't know any of you at all well enough to join in with this but I'm extremely impressed to know you'll be meeting nearby

Dang missed it :( anyone thinking of doing another meet up?

Aaah, can't believe I missed this. :(

Any chance of another Leeds gathering some time this summer? :)

Any chance of another one in the summer? I didn't get to go to the last one.

Ahh I live in york! As if I've only just seen this group...are there any meet ups happening soon? 

There seem to be a fair few of us in York :P (I'm at uni there)

York uni or York St John?

York Uni, you at one of them?

Starting at St Johns this September, but live locally already :)

im not setting up another one, (well i might when i get to uni) cause my mum more or less killed me when she found out. but if you want to set one up that would be awesome and i will see if i can come :)

and I thought I was the only Nerdfighter in Yorkshire!

I would LOVE to make friends, but lack of transport and overprotective, non-Nerdfighter-approving (!!!) parents could be a problem. :( And no, I couldn't do an online meet up either as I don't have the software :_(


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