So it's official. John is the coolest most amazing author ever. He is signing ALL these books for us without being asked. And although some may say that it's just enough to by all the books, I disagree. An author willing to go the extra mile for his fans, deserves the same from his fans. That why I think we should think we should do something to show our appreciation. My favorite idea I have heard thus far is signing copies of our favorite books and sending it to him. If u have a better idea or know how to organize this comment!  

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I like that idea, but I also think it would be cool to maybe partner it with some sort of charity thing...maybe for This Star Wont Go Out?
I think mailing John books would be a little impractical, even though it is an awesome idea.

I had another idea, which is that we take a nerdfighter poster (or just make a nerdfighter poster ourselves^^) and sign it, then mail it to another nerdfighter to sign. This goes on and then the last person mails it to John. Maybe you can start a new discussion in which all those who want to participate in this can post their addresses. So, they can choose a random address from the discussion and mail it to that nerdfighter. When the person receives the poster next, they delete the post with their address from that discussion(so that they are not mailed the poster again). This goes on and when there are no more addresses left in the discussion to mail to, the last person mails it to John.

Does this make sense?
I love this Idea. We should totally do this.
Agreed. This is awesome.


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