hello, fellow nerdfighter writers!

i'm pretty new here so i don't know if this has already been suggested, but i was just wondering if anyone was up for starting a nerdfighter writing critique group of between like 3 and 7 people. we could meet each week over skype or google plus or whatever your favorite video chat medium is and share what we've been working on!

and if more than 3-7 people want to join, we can like, split up into genre groups or something. i personally am writing young adult fiction. 

thanks guys!

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I would love to join in this group, but my internet connection isn't known for being great with videochat. Maybe we could email or something? I write character-driven stories of any and every genre, although I tend to veer towards realistic fiction and fantasy. I've always wanted to write historical fiction, but I just never seem to find inspiration for it.
And I am still in school, my finals are currently scheduled to end June 6th, and start about a week beforehand. I would love some motivation and some feedback on my writing!

that sounds great! let's definitely email :)

I would definitely be interested in something like this.  I'm going to be doing fantasy for awhile. Sword and sorcery character-driven stuff for my youtube project.  Haven't decided if I'm doing NaNoWriMo camp or not, but a writer's group would be awesome either way.  My skype is the same as my name here, feel free to hit me up, just mention your a nerdfighter when you try to add me.

Interested! let me know what you all come up with? I'll be fairly busy in July :)

Oh! Also I am all over the place but mainly fantasy (magic fantasy with some character fantasy) Usually nothing like high fantasy... Young Adult focus. 

Hey is this thing still rolling? Can someone get me up to speed. I'd like to join.

I'm 23, very Romanian, and I'm on a Sci Fi/post-apocalyptic craze at the moment. Should be fun.

I think we were waiting for a lot of people to finish up with school for the year.  It is probably a good idea to try and figure out when everyone (or at least a majority) of people will finish so that we can start figuring out the particulars.

I think that one particular we can probably start discussing now so that we are prepared when everyone is free to just get going and not spend most of our available writing/talking time on it.... would be method.

I personally like Skype, and we can maybe combine it with email so we can send/receive drafts to everyone without restricting connectivity. There is also the possibility of using Google's Hangouts, as well as making a free forum. 


I'm a bit late to join the bandwagon, but I'd definitely like to give this a shot. I'm 15 from Australia, so Skype may not work for me. I write young adult fiction at the moment, though I used to write fantasy and decided it didn't fit my style. We should start soon :)

I really don't know much about that stuff, so I can't offer much insight into what would be better.  I know I will probably be able to handle whatever is decided, i just lack knowledge on all things technological. 

I will have no internet for majority of the summer, thanks to a combination summer camp and backpacking trip, so I probably won't be getting any stories in until mid-August unless we start in the next 2 weeks or so.

I am interested. Let me know when you guys want to start.


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