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I'm adventurous when it comes to new and delicious delicacies in the food world. I'm wondering if anyone has a food that is a bit odd that they completely adore and if they care to share! I'm also curious if there are any foods that when mixed sound weird, but are actually completely wonderful!
I think it'd be fun to try some new tastes!

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I don't have it very often, like every six months or something, because I can't stand mcdonalds but mcdonalds fries dipped in mcdonalds strawberry milkshake. Love it sooooooooo much. =D
The salty/sweet combination is a classic. I do this with a Dairy Queen Blizzard and fries, it's phenomenal!
ps. I know how you feel about McDonalds/fast food in general haha.
It's so annoying because I hate it so much, yet it tastes so delicious!
That's how the fast food industry makes all their money even though everyone knows it's awful!

I've done the carrots and peanut butter thing before! People think i'm crazy for it!

As for french fries in mashed potatoes..isn't that basically the same thing?

and chocolate and cheerios will be tried before the new year!

I guess it's not that weird of a food combination if it's actually a product! Hah.
Gotta be Tomato sauce and pasta. Just heaven.
Egg and Jam. Haha, can't say it's nice, just that I tried it for the sake of trying it.

Anything with pasta is a wondrous taste sensation!

Egg and Jam, huh, I may have consumed that on accident. I've also tried jam and cheese whiz (not a fan of cheeze whiz) and it's not nice either. My dad loves it though.

I've been dying to try marmite for the longest time! I live in north America and it's hard to come by, I've also had friends who've tried it and hated I'm scared haha
I've worked at a grocery store for a while and never saw anything of the sort...
Maybe we do in specialty stores though!
You can buy it on Amazon.  I did.  You can have mine!!!  I guess it's an acquired taste.


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