What was the weirdest dream you have ever had? Mine was about me and my brother. We didnt have the vital organs we needed so we had to put them in clams, shove the clams into our backs and slowly open them so we could have our vital organs. I was to scared so my brother did it first and when it was my turn i woke up PHEW. anyway, gto any weird or just disturbing dreams? POST IT :D

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I've had a few weird dreams, but this one kinda takes the cake...

So, a guy from my high school, Riley, was an escaped murderer. I was out with my friends Tina, Matt, Emily, and Cat. We got on this bus that had the lighting of a horror film and we spot Riley. We chase him a bit and eventually capture him. I leave Tina to watch him and I either turn around or go somewhere (not sure) to get help. When I get back/turn around Riley is gone.
"Tina!" I yell. She looks around and curses.
"Damn it!"
So we run down the main road in my city towards my house, all the while looking for Riley. For some reason, all the buildings along the right side of the street were gone. So, we get to my house and it's about 10:00pm. I tell my friends that they can spend the night. Suddenly, Yuuko from xxxHolic (by CLAMP) is there and there is a large chess set in the middle of my living room. The kicker is, the chess pieces were the people from LotR (I specifically remember Gimli shrinking down and walking into the Rook's castle. And Aragorn was there...).
Then, Yuuko says that we must "look into the past" (in her usual mysterious way) and we literally turn around and look into our past which we could see on a series of floating YouTube videos. Apparently, my ancestors were wimpy, white little monter things... >.>
Another sudden change, and I'm walking down the hall toward my kitchen where I can clearly see the time glowing on the microwave. It still reads 10:00, but in a confusing burst of light, it is 10:00 in the morning. As I stand there, dazed and confused, my mother comes thundering down the stairs in her robe and starts yelling at me.
"I know when you came in last night! Ten o'clock! TEN O'CLOCK! I can't believe you! Ten o'clock? Ten o'clock? TEN O'CLOCK??!?!?!? This whole time I'm gesturing helplessly and trying to make sense of the situation,
"B-but, it was just nightime... Why is it light out? W-what? Why is it morning?" And so on, and so forth.
Another change. Me, Tina, Matt, and some other people that I think I know but can't remember, are at a warf-thing. We're sort-of down on the beach next to the wooden pillars that are holding up a really tall, really long pier. Riley (the murderer, remember?) was holed up in the wooden underbelly of the pier and we were trying to get him out and to the police. Riley starts shouting things to Matt (can't recall what, darn it). Apparently they were very hurtful words because now poor Matt is suicidal. We drag Matt back to a shop/restaurant on the beach that is run by and elderly couple.
(This part is really fuzzy, but I'll do my best!)
We sat down at a booth and a young female waitress is walking around. There are fish bowls on the tables with tiny fish in them that are transparent in the middle, but goldfish on either end. The old man said we could eat them like the Goldfish snacks and pops a handful in his mouth. I think I ate one, but I'm not sure...
The end!

Whew! That was long! ^^;
My sister was dead, for reasons I cannot at this time recall. Naturally I was devastated and decided it was necessary to do some necromancy (which I convinced I could do because she had once done it to a dog of ours). There was a man who owned the house her body was in who was trying to convince me to just accept that she was dead and move on. He went into another room to call someone to take the body away, whereupon I had the best idea ever: take my sister's body and run away so I could perform the ceremony necessary to bring her back! Unfortunately, apparently it was necessary to cut off her head to carry her away. So I cut off her head, rolled the rest of her body up in a sheet, and, carrying her body under one arm and her head in the other hand, bolted for the door, walking down the sidewalk while I tried to figure out the fastest way to get home. I figured the fastest was in fact to stop a moving car and demand I be allowed in. The body was thrown in the trunk, and I held her head while we drove. Apparently there was a necessary pit stop at a Little League baseball field to lay down some tarp for the rain, and I assisted the driver of the car in this endeavor to make it go faster because I REALLY had to get home to raise my sister back from the dead. So we get back into the car and are driving away when I suddenly remember that oh my goodness--I had left my sister on the tarp! We had to drive back, veering into the parking lot with a lot of brake screeching, and I struggled to get her body back into the trunk quickly. We were driving back and things were looking good, and then I woke up.
I totally just had a weird dream. Woke me up at 4:30, and now I can't get back to sleep.

So my friends and I are watching X-Files, and there's this episode where David Duchovny plays Scully and Gillian Anderson plays Mulder, and, in the same episode, they play a trailer trash hillbilly couple. For some reason, this episode is hilarious. Right after it's over, the DVD plays the next episode. It's about these orphans in wheelchairs, and they all keep dying. They know who's gonna die next, because everyone will see a creepy ghost kid sitting right in front of the person. If you're the next victim, you won't see the ghost kid, though.
Well, anyway, this episode apparently scared the crap out of everyone, and even as my subconscious tried to segue into another dream, part of me would continue to bring up the fact that those orphans were scary shit. One of these dreams involved a friend and I standing in this wobbly elevator with white furry carpeting while listening to John Barrowman's cover of "You're So Vain".
And when I woke up, I had Nirvana stuck in my head. WTF, brain! I don't even listen to Nirvana!
The majority of my dreams are pretty weird, but this one's recent so we'll go with it. I was in my high school, though it wasn't the same building, as it was about seven stories high. People were running all over the place, preparing for the upcoming apocalypse, which was to happen within the hour. Some guys ran past me in the hallway, all of them in full combat gear, yelling at everyone to get to their stations. By this point, I was the only one there who thought the whole thing was stupid and not going to happen, but I went to my designated hallway anyway. When I got there, my one (sort of) friend from school, Whitney, was ordering people around. She yelled at me to stand in a certain spot, so I rolled my eyes and walked over to it, wishing everyone would realize that the world was not going to end. Anyway, after that, somehow Iknew that it was common knowledge that they predicted a zombie attack five minutes before the apocalypse. So we were all supposed to fight once the zombies came, and I remember trying to figure out why we would try to fight zombies (if they were to actually appear) five minutes before the apocalypse (if it were to actually happen), since we would all die anyway. While I was standing there thinking, a screen appear on the wall nearest me and they showed videos of people escaping calamities in the past. I distinctly remember listening to people sobbing while I watched (on the screen) a Chinese couple getting remarried in a church that resembled the tower of Pisa, then the church suddenly splitting down the middle. The couple jumped out and then slid down a hill, an infant and a toddler follow, and then their five-year-old and ten-year-old after them. And then I woke up.

So...needless to say, it was the source of some inspiration. I'm writing a short story based on it =P


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