So I think it would be fun to share the weird and ultimately incredibly awesome things that I have no doubt you participate in. Yes, you, with the faaaaaace! Or the pants. If you're not wearing pants, please put some on. It's a bit creepy.

Anywho! Today I wore a tutu to school, with swirls of blue down my cheeks. I know, you're amazed. I also carried around a ceramic skunk, which I would place on the table at random times and just stare at. When people questioned me I would tell them that he was the 'Skunk of Truth' and he knew all. *nod* It's factual.

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I wore a Gryffindor shirt and tie to Dairy Queen last night... it's not the weirdest thing ever, but I thought I would share. :)
I am proud of you.
...Which cheeks?

There is nobody like you at my school :(
I am more than glad. There's nobody like me at my school either. It's a blessing and a curse.
Today I walked around Wal-Mart wearing a tiara made of Styrofoam and yelling, "I'm a pretty princess!" until my sister finally yanked it off my head.
You ARE a pretty princess. She was just envious.
Aaand today I was doing a stupid dance for my mother, or saying "What if I walked like this?" which I often do. But my mother said, "Rachel, can you only dance like that? I mean, you can't dance normally." to which I had to defend my honor...I believe I said, "I could, but where's the fun in that?" and kept DAAANCING! Like you do.
I spent far too much time on the weirdest thing is I SWEAR I saw the Jonas brothers for like a second, before they clicked away...
I am scared to find out what that is. 0__o
lol yeah... it's basically Omegle with webcams. And of course it's got some 4chan in there too... so.....


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