I am sick of useless people on welfare. I am not talking about the ones that need it. I don t mind them but I think  the majority of people getting it are just useless people.

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I don't think the majority are I'm sure there are, but I dn't think it's the majority. I think Welfare, healthcare foodstamps ect. are integral for a long lasting civilaization but I'm a proud socialist.
Welfare is a tool, to help people back into work and create a productive economy. If people are just living off of it, then they are not using it as it should be used and are thus missing the point, and should be off of it.
The problem is that welfare does nothing to help those that are just living off of it back into work. Getting a check of money to pay your rent and keep you fed does nothing to re-establish a belief in yourself. It does nothing to drag someone out of a depression either.

That's the biggest problem welfare has today, it doesn't do nearly enough to fix the actual cause for pepole falling out of (or not getting into) the job market.

Have you ever been on welfare? They are very pushy about actively fnding a job.

You call being commanded to find a job help?
No, not job help all Im saying is that they are pushy.
That they are pushy in no way contradicts what I said.
I'm sorry I mis-understood you the first time, I undserstand now, I'm sorry.
Fair enough.
No, but if you attach the cheque to conditions (do enough job interviews/applications this week) then you have somewhere to go. That's what happens in the British system.
That happens in the Swedish system as well. And it might be better than a flat check, but the positive effect is mariginal (since most pepole who respond to that are the kind of pepole who doesn't need help getting a job in the first place).
I think its very helpful. If you have the knowledge that you will have absolutely no money coming in unless you get yourself busy finding work, you will be busy finding work.


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