Today the Westboro Baptist Church is in Buffalo Grove, Illinois to protest BGHS' production of The Laramie Project.

It's not surprising, but it is so frustrating.  A high school play, really?  A wonderful play about love and acceptance.

My mom lives close to there, but unfortunately I can't get out there today.  If you live near there, I urge you to go.  Counterprotest.  Show love not hate.

Have you ever been to a WBC counterprotest? Did you bring a sign?  What did it say?  What are some of your favorite WBC counterprotest signs?

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WBC has threatened to protest the showing of a documentary at my friend's school in Naperville, IL on Monday. She wants to go to the protest, but thinks that the WBC might not follow through. I wonder if they're more likely to, since they're in the area, more or less.

^Favorite protest sign
Yeah, maybe they'll stick around.

That's a great sign.

Some of my favorites:

"God hates the new Facebook"


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