I need to find a good book.

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A recent fave is The Musicans Daughter

Two of my favorites of all time are Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Watership Down by Richard Adams.

There's an extremely awesome book out called Warm Bodies written by Isaac Marion. It's about the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a zombie. It actually becomes hopeful, unlike most zombie apocalypse stories. And the writing is absolutely fantastic.

Have you ever heard of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirl by Barry Lyga? Well, if you haven't now you have, and you best remember it, because the novel is brilliant. It stars a teenage boy who is working on his very own comic, and has high hopes for showing it to someone(I'm sorry to have forgotten which Comic Star he was after; I do not feel like getting up at the moment)at a comic convention. Anyways, the main meat is when he comes to meet his Gothgirl, who provides most of the story's entertainment. I found the story to be beautiful, hilarious, and all around amazing. If you're looking a meaningful book to make you laugh, this is the one to read.

Another of my favourites is Venomous by Christopher Krovatin. The main character is a rahter odd kid with anger management issues who is 'saved' by--oh, look!--more goths! They include a gay guy with the same anger management issues who tries to make-out with the main character on their first meeting, his insane, blue-haired girlfriend, and his awesomely awesome best friend who is the king of surpassing social boundaries. Words are hard to describe this book, however, one seems to sum it up quite well: GODLY.


Those sound good, I will have to check them out!


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