You may answer it in anyway you want, what exactly are you looking for? Everyone views this question differently and the point of this is to make you question exactly that. What are you looking for? If there's nothing you're looking for, what's the point of you being here?

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You should make it your ring tone. It will make you smile every time it goes off. I will call myself just to hear it. It is awesome. Technology is awesome.

i rarely have my ringer set to anything but vibrate...but you're still right about the recording.

I am just looking for myself to find, to make the world a better place and to just love.

Something to make the hurt go away.

I can relate. If I had a solution, I'd share it.  In the meantime, I listen to Cows with Guns.  It helps.

Cows with guns are cool. It made a fat old cripple dude smile.


i think i am looking for what everyone else is looking for: happiness. and if you want me to define that foe myself, i really cant say what my happiness is, because one's assumption on what will make them happy (other than glorious things like food and sleep) are wrong; and i am also quite sure that i can define it for others. but it is what i am looking for, in my life and for others, cause worldsuck

happiness is awesome :)


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