What are you reading right now, and what do you think of it?

I lurked around and noticed that we didn't have a "currently reading" thread. You make me sad, Nerdfighters.
But anyway, just as the title states: What are you reading right now, and what is your opinion on it? Would you suggest this book to other people? Or is this one the public should stay away from?

I'm currently reading Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! by Terry Brooks.
So far I find it hilarious and frustrating all at the same time (Curse you Ben and your ability to get in trouble!). It has a different outlook on the fantasy world, and it's actually pretty interesting. This is a book I'd recommend to new and long-time fantasy readers. It's pretty awesome, and you never really can go wrong with a Terry Brooks novel.
(Also, my copy was printed in 1987, so it's got that wonderful old book smell to it. Yummm.)

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I've been reading Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King. It's alright but I think the story of Bobby is kind of predictable (but good none-the-less) I wouldn't suggest the book but I would say it's quite good.

Hearts in Atlantis is about a boy in the 1960s who goes from a regular life to having to find out about these men in the yellow coats. I haven't read the whole thing and I know that it's a collection of short stories but the main novella in this book is this story.
I just bought 'The 5 people you meet in heaven' by Mitch Albom about 2 hours ago...It is really good and written in a interesting way.
My sister is obsessed with "the Outsiders".
The Outsiders is possibly my favorite book of all time. I think the first time I read it I was, like, 8; so I didn't really understand the themes of the novel. But now that I'm older I definitely understand it better and still adore it. My favorite part is that it is written by a woman, which adds a certain element. At least, I think it does.
Right now I'm working on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. It's an addictive and bizarre mix of reality and the supernatural.
I just finished 2001: A Space Odyssey. Way more epic than I was expecting (probably because the only part I had knowledge of was the Hal 9000 part).
At the moment I'm rereading Darksong by Isobelle Carmody- it's the second in a trilogy called the Legendsong. Apart from losing my attention at times, it's a great plot line and has its addictive parts!
In between this I'm reading Paradise Lost by John Milton with forewords at every book by Philip Pullman (my hero!). It's extremely heavy going but shockingly skilled. However I think I have to return it to the library soon... I've had it out for way too long.
I'm reading Welcome to the NHK which is disturbing as hell, it really is more whack than Chuck Palahniuk because of the things it implies about society... not to mention the drug use... but I don't regret reading it at all, it's much darker than the anime.
I'm reading Parable of the Talents. One of the main characters invents a religion. I find it interesting that, if I were an organized religion kind of girl, Earthseed (her religion) would probably be what I'd join.
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
VERY good.
I'm amazed by it, really.
I'm reading DUNE by Frank Herbert and it's slowly killing me inside. I'm really not enjoying it. A friend recommended it to me (she had gobbled it up about a year ago), but I really don't see the appeal.
I am reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King.
I really love it, Trisha is a very likeable and down to earth character.


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