What are you reading right now, and what do you think of it?

I lurked around and noticed that we didn't have a "currently reading" thread. You make me sad, Nerdfighters.
But anyway, just as the title states: What are you reading right now, and what is your opinion on it? Would you suggest this book to other people? Or is this one the public should stay away from?

I'm currently reading Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! by Terry Brooks.
So far I find it hilarious and frustrating all at the same time (Curse you Ben and your ability to get in trouble!). It has a different outlook on the fantasy world, and it's actually pretty interesting. This is a book I'd recommend to new and long-time fantasy readers. It's pretty awesome, and you never really can go wrong with a Terry Brooks novel.
(Also, my copy was printed in 1987, so it's got that wonderful old book smell to it. Yummm.)

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I read that a few years ago. It's the only book I've ever read by Stephen King. I liked it :).
Les Miserables- It's great. I don't see why the people in honors English at my school complain about it so much. My friend loaned me his after he finished, and I love it. Classic, suspenseful-anyone who needs a good book to read, check this one out.

I'm also reading a few theology books, but I daresay y'all don't wanna hear about them.
I'm reading V by Thomas Pynchon, in preparation for grabbing his newest book when it finally arrives at the local library. Thomas Pynchon = Author genius the likes of which have never been seen before on this Earth.
i am reading the longest evening of the year by dean koontz. it's kind of a thriler with supernatural elements .
dogs, golden retrievers play a big part and it has one of the biggest collection of the worst socio/psychopaths that i have ever come across in one book.
at first i did not like it, but it grew on me and i have to find out the end. those bad guys must die and the goodens must win.
I think Dean Koontz' writing has gotten much better in the last ten or so years. I've never actually disliked anything of his I've read, but lately I've been really enjoying his novels & staying up late to finish them.
i have only just discovered him. i love the dog connection.
FEAR NOTHING by dean koontz

Christopher Snow is the best-known resident of 12,000-strong Moonlight Bay, California. This is because 28-year-old Chris has xeroderma pigmentosum (XP)—a light-sensitivity so severe that he cannot leave his house in daylight, cannot enter a normally-lit room, cannot sit at a computer. Chris's natural element is the night, and his parents, both academics, chose to live in Moonlight Bay because in a small town Chris can make the nightscape his own—roaming freely through the town on his bike, surfing in the moonlight, exploring while most people sleep.

the book encompasses a 24 hour period that is truly scary and very revealing.

i just finished it and will now read the sequel SEIZE THE NIGHT.

again DOGS.
seize the night, the sequel, not as good.
I am reading 'Pony Club Secrets, Storm and the silver bridle' by Stacy Gregg. Yes it sound like a childrens book... mainly because it is. But as I am mad about horses so naturally i really like it. Its well written and it the 6th book in the series with 2 new books coming out soon. Its not too long (239 pages) but in that time it has a LOT of things happning, almost to much! Every thing happens to Issie (the main charcter). She's 14 and wins $25000, her horse gets stolen then gets pregnant etc. I do think its a bit rediculos but its a quick and easy read.
I'm reading Sail by James's good once you're reading it but I can't motivate myself to actually open it in the first place..
Reading the novelization of Metal Gear Solid at the moment. Pretty good if I do say so myself.


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