Hey Nerdfighters! Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I'm asking you all the cliched yet meaningful question that many of you have probably heard a lot lately: What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for the people in my life who make me happy. DFTBAAETM (Don't forget to be awesome and eat too much!)

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I'm thankful for having a summer job this year. And for the postal service. And for my ex-math/science-teacher that was amazing and influenced me a lot. And for being able to live where I live. 

I'm doing this even though Im' several months late muahaha. I'm thankful for John and Hank (of course), family, technology, recovery, books, intelligence, supportive and understanding people, tumblr and my cat!

I'm new to the forums, so late to this thread, but I wanna play anyway!  I am super thankful for my family, because I have the best one in the history of ever-both my parents/siblings family and the family I am working on creating with my wife.  I am grateful for my friends and the fact that my best friend is still alive.  I am grateful for nature and for books and for technology that allows me to communicate easily with people several hundred miles away.  And I am grateful for Nerdfighteria.


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