I tried to be a vegiterian for a while, but when people asked me why I decided to become one, they thought my answers were not good enough... why are you a vegitarian? or why are you not a vegitarian?

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I'm not a vegetarian because I don't like eating something that wasn't killed (Triple negative).
um so, u r not a vegg. cuz u like 2 eat dead stuff? not 2 judge, I like meat too...
Pretty much. I can't stand eating a salad or something like that.

Plus, I have sharp canines for some reason, so why not put them to use?
lol... I only eat salad with alot of dressing and other added stuff... I eat plain lettuce sometimes, but only if its fresh off the head (wow that sounds weird...) or else it tastes bad...
:( that's sad....
Fuck you, I was going to say this.

Ummm, I am not sure if you know how this works or not but, if you wanna be technical vegetables were killed too. therefore you logic is... well illogical everything is living unless you prefer not no eat rocks and whatnot. But when you pick vegetables they have indeed been killed.

I enjoy vegetables more than meat and I eat them more than meat because too much meat is bad for you. But I am not one to pass up a steak
im sorry but .... really
i get where you're coming from but not eating anything dead isn't really the point at least not for me, its about how sentient beings(key word sentient) are treated as property.
you can't prove sentience.
Hahaha well technically, unless you cook the vegetables the cells are still alive until they are killed in your stomach, so they are still living. Either way, to eat and digest something, you have to kill it. If you think about it, basically you are consuming something else's low entropy to keep yours down.

Aww, really? There are lots of REALLY GOOD vegetarian foods other than salad.

sorry spelling is not my forte


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