Thats all im asking what are your thoughts?

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I guess it's just people who fear what they don't understand, and people who dislike what thrives outside of their view of the world.
I'd Agree..
 You hate people because you don't know them,
You don't know them because you hate them.
— Gil Grissom, C.S.I.
Its just an irrational fear of what they don't understand.
It's just that something new is being introduced into the world.  People will get over it, I believe.
Sorry, are you saying that homosexuality is something new? Really?
It's just like racism, caused by irrational, stubborn people.
I don't think that it is irrational or stubborn, because there are like different levels of it.
There are the people that think it is absolutly wrong and wont't give sexuality other than being straight the light of day.
Then there are other people who accept it and are fine with it. They support gay rights, but it makes them feel very uncomfortable.
I fall into the latter catagory. I don't concider my self homophobic, but others do. I try my best to accept people, i have many friends who are gay. I accept then and believe that they should have the same rights that i do, how ever the idea of people of the same sex being sexual with each other makes me feel very uncomforatable.
Even just seeing people of the same sex kiss on TV or in a movie makes me very uncomfortable. So for me it is not a lack of people irrational or stubborn, because yes, i do think people have the right to love who every they want. I cannot change what makes me feel comfortable and what does not.

But i will give you that yes there are people out there that are irrational and stubborn about it, but there are a few of us who accept it but are not comfortable with it.

I think people really shouldn't think differently of people just because they like boys instead of girls, or girls instead of boys. It really doesn't matter to me at all.

I think it's silly. Like most things, fear or anger comes from the lack of information and understanding. We have so many voices battling this issue out, that the ones who don't know better just rather hate than take the time to understand.
I think that people have the right to believe whatever they want, as long as they don't shove their beliefs where they aren't wanted. In that sense, I think that people who condemn homosexuality are okay to do so as long as they do not treat homosexuals worse than they would treat others because of the fact that they are gay. Oh, and I hate it when people wave their anti-gay signs around on the road.

I'm asexual, so I pretty much don't have any.


Basically though, people have a visceral reaction to things that are unfamiliar to them, and to that extent it is natural.  I was very adverse to any joint activity involving humans, but reaching beyond that I don't have opinions on the matter because I'm not really involved.  I've grown up since I was in highschool, and and can appreciate romance in themes and such as that, and I don't see how either way is different beyond the breedability of each matchings.  So, I'm not terribly surprised when heteros are disgusted and appalled by same sex romantic interaction, because it's different to them, and will always be different.  That's why this irrational fear has gone back throughout history.  It's really just a silly knee-jerk reaction that they can get over if they try.  Some people have actually evolved to not even noticing the difference, and I find that beautiful.


But in summation, I find that I agree with the gay agenda: Wake up, eat breakfast, find spiffy shoes. :3

Homophobia to me is a very big part of everyday life. As a pansexual woman in today's society, life can be very hurtful not by what happens to me but just what I hear. A lot of the time people in my family will not be 'homophobic'. They will 'deal' with the gays and believe in their rights. Belief used loosely. However they make jokes that only ugly woman become lesbians or other such ridiculous accusations. I'm not particularly out yet. It isn't because I don't want to be. Its because today's society has caused me fear. Even the smallest comment such as the word, 'faggot' or 'I would rather die than be gay', really do hurt. So to be speak my full mind on this matter, I hate it. It haunts both my friends and I constantly. Even small comments like 'thats so gay' hurt us. The worlds filled with Homophobia.
i just dont see y ppl need to be like this in the world


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