Hello, my name is Declan and I am relatively new to nerdfighteria, and I need help. I need to know how I as an individual can decrease world suck. I am fourteen years old, i live in Australia and I don't have much money, or other resources, but I really want to help decrease world suck. please help me. please give me some suggestions of anything I can do. whether it is something I can do just once or something I can do everyday I really need some ideas.

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Have bake sales for orginizations with yummy snacks :)
Something I've always wanted to do (though I've never had the time) is collect children's books and toys from my friends from when they were kids and donate it to a local women and children's homeless shelter. If you don't want to start off that big, just get a volenteer job at a local nursing home or homeless shelter in your area. Also, donate your old things to Good Will.

There is always some community service project you can partake it. Think of something you hate, and find a way to decrease that. I come from not the nicest area, crime is high, intolerance is high, unemployment is high, child abuse is high, education is low. I looked at all the things I hated and found a way to help decrease those in some way; for me that was doing things to help promote education. I spent no money, I was able to volunteer at schools, libraries and churches; I helped people learn how to read and that helped them change their lives. Find something you want to attack and work on it; you will find a way. 


If as for right now, your stuck then I suggest doing things like where you'll be helping fight world hunger.

I started buying fair trade products, among other things. Slavery is not dead! There are currently 27 million slaves, and this is not just human trafficking. The top three products that involve slave labour are coffee, tea, and chocolate. So, if this sounds good to you, you can start buying these products fair trade. 


At my university, we have a club that is dedicated to help stop modern day slavery. There is a good little information section here:


This is also a good place to start:

Theres alot to do, something as small as holding the door for a person, walking somewhere instead of getting a car/public transport. Or even do something big like run a marathon for charity. Endless lists of things that can be done, some small and some big.
Just do a good deed everyday and smile a lot and have fun!

Best way ever. It basically just requires you to do what you always do. When you download it, everytime you open a tap, money is donated. AND IT'S FREE.

You can help me win a video contest. It is a contest for rare diseases. The prize for the winning video is $50,000 donated to the charity of the video maker's choice. I chose the charity that helps fund research my my rare disease. If you would like to help decrease world suck by increasing the chances my charity will win the money we desperately need in order to find a cure for my disease all you need to do is go to my video"like" and comment on the page. Kind of like Project for Awesome only in the summer.

This is the link to my video if you want to help out:


All help is appreciated. We desperately need to find a cure for this disease. It leaves patients in a sort of living hell of constant overwhelming pain and torment.

Try to eat less beef, cows fart you know. Don't own a sheep farm (Australia) as sheep fart as well. Conserve energy. Recycle. Bury a time capsule. Create a time machine (this will warn our past about the dangers the earth shall face in a 100 years.)
Here is something I plan on doing...maybe tomorrow actually. First, write a bunch of random cards. Nice things like "You are beautiful no matter what people think" or maybe an inspiring quote or something. write several on seperate pieces of paper and staple them around your neighborhood. Or if you see someone alone or having a hard time. Give them a note that lets them know they mean something... or something...

Remember that you have no idea what it's like to not be you. You don't know anybody's story except your own. It's a lot easier to be nice to people you don't like if you remember that. Being nice to people=World suck decrease.


Also, being generally non-judgmental helps to decreas World Suck.


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