Hello, my name is Declan and I am relatively new to nerdfighteria, and I need help. I need to know how I as an individual can decrease world suck. I am fourteen years old, i live in Australia and I don't have much money, or other resources, but I really want to help decrease world suck. please help me. please give me some suggestions of anything I can do. whether it is something I can do just once or something I can do everyday I really need some ideas.

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Maybe you can find something you love and adapt it to help decrease world suck. That gives you a bit of motivation. For example, if you're an artist, sell your work and give the money to a charity of your choosing. If you're a musician, play at charity events, or just play out on the street to make peoples' day better.

Compliment strangers I do it all the time, not in a creepy or flirty way just if you see something worth complimenting then do it, a lot of the time I don't think people get enough compliments.

Go for a walk around your town and say hi to stangers! I'ts actually quite fun, I'm a shy person so it took me a while to get used to, but it's so nice! It's happened to me a couple of times before, someone I don't know has said hello to me and it put me in a good mood for ages!

Help people out and just be relatively nice to others. Also, look for other nerdfighters and talk to them because it's lonely being the only nerdfighter you know.

Feminism, Indigenous Cultures and Australian History

Are three things our country has generally sucked at teaching its youth.  My good lad, you're living in the internet age. You don't have to become a feminist, or join the Tent Embassy,  or even agree with anything you learn (or have learned).   But we could really, really, use some young people teaching their parents about it, and other kids at school.   I don't want to politicise you and make you a commie or anything, you're way too young for that.  I just want you to learn what they should be teaching us and they certainly didn't teach me, and I'm still young myself, trying to find out.

If you don't already know, learn about the history of women's rights in the Australian union movement and not just from an ALP perspective, it's more diverse than that.  If you don't already know, find out who the traditional custodians of your home town are (the name of the tribal group) and attempt to learn the language and culture, and have this mentioned at public events "we acknowledge" statement. It's more than just "PC" crap, it's something that lifts people's spirits, you never know how many indigenous aussies are going to be in that crowd walking just a little bit taller for it, and just how many other aussies were denied this knowledge and want to know.  Same is true of Australian history, it's tied in with both.

Happy schooling.  And, here's another thing.  The world would suck less if you 14 year olds didn't have to worry about the world sucking. So make sure whatever you do, you have fun, live long and prosper -  and not necessarily in monetary terms.

And know that our big red land is full of nerdfighters, it's just that most of us are in denial.

In 8th grade my choir walked over the the retirement home near our school and sang for them. If you aren't musically inclined you can always play card games or do crafts. It really is so much fun and you can tell they love it. 

Just make sure to help whoever is in need of it! Don't judge and be willing to offer a smile to anyone, no matter what! Remember that you have the potential to change the world and DFTBA!

Be a role model for the younger.

Hi! I know this post is really old but that's a really good question so I'm going to answer it anyways. Share awesomeness! Be really friendly, help people out, and share awesome nerd stuff. Talk about intelligent subjects. Discuss books, either classics (like Fahrenheit 451) or deep literature (like The Fault in Our Stars).

Make it a goal to compliment at least one stranger every day. The other day a completely random guy stopped me while I was getting gas to tell me he liked my dress. This simple act made me smile for over an hour. It seems like such a simple thing, but to me making others feel good about themselves is a true way to decrease world suck. We are constantly surrounded by words and images telling us we are pretty enough, or thin enough, or smart enough, or talented enough or good enough, its ice to combat that, at least a little.

Find something you're passionate about and do something with that. For example, I started a blog to raise awareness and decrease stigmatization of depression ( and I also love music, so I work on, reviewing albums and interviewing bands in my area!

Help me decrease Anti-LGBT world suck by signing this petition please! 

share it with your friends if you want :)


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