Hello, my name is Declan and I am relatively new to nerdfighteria, and I need help. I need to know how I as an individual can decrease world suck. I am fourteen years old, i live in Australia and I don't have much money, or other resources, but I really want to help decrease world suck. please help me. please give me some suggestions of anything I can do. whether it is something I can do just once or something I can do everyday I really need some ideas.

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Volunteering is a totally awesome way to decrease world suck! Local Libraries, Food Pantries or Homeless Shelters are great places to start!

Not sure if you live in a urban/suburban area or if you're in the outback. Location kinda depends what you can do, but on the plus side volunteering is absolutely free!

awesome site where you can make loans to entrepeneurs(sorry i probably didn't spell that right) they have around a 90% repayal rate

I am going to link you to another forum post that I just put up. If you could take the link inside it, and spread it around, that would help alot.
Go volunteer at your local community center, hospital ,church, animal shelter, soup kitchen, charity, whatever, just some thing where even if only once a month your still helping your community.

I am sure you've got a ton of good suggestions as this point. On the subject of positive pranking (which don't get me wrong I love positive pranking) I would suggest against a "free hugs" sign or the like. It's actually considered a form of prostitution. People always get all upset at the anime convention I go to every year because they can't have free hugs signs but the people running the convention don't want the police getting involved for underaged prostitution, especially with young girls dressed in catgirl outfits and stuff.

Has someone suggested It's free, we have a nerdfighters group on it, it definitely decreases world suck, you can do it every day AND! start learning a language or improve your english/math/science skills while doing it!

I'm doing a firewalk with my work in 3 days and need sponsors. If anyone feels generous i'd be greatful.

Surprise someone with a compliment. Something that you meen, but nothing to big, just let people know what you like about them. That could make someones day :)

By focusing on what is awesome one automatically decreases worldsuck

-Old zen nerd.

when i was single, my friend from elementary school passed away.

All of my old classmates showed up to the funeral

and i realized, we never talked to each other for at least 4 years, and had to have a funeral to bring us together again!!

i decided then to divide my class into two lists ( we were 20 guys) and call them all alternately every Friday.

some weeks i had friends tell me their whole week sucked until i called them just to say hi

I work for an organization that posts service projects that teens can do on their own. Right now (until 12/13/11), you can pledge to do something good for your community and Hasbro will donate a toy to Toys for Tots. If you need ideas on what to do, there are some suggestions. You can also pledge any service your already doing.

Here's the link if you're interested:

Check out the World Vision's 40 Hour famine and watch world suck melt away! 

^^^ You could make an account on Freerice and then join the Nerdfighter group. quizzes you on subjects you choose yourself and donates 10 grains of rice for every question you get correct. It's great for studying languages or just defeating the suckiness of boredom. 

I hope this helps!



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