Hello, my name is Declan and I am relatively new to nerdfighteria, and I need help. I need to know how I as an individual can decrease world suck. I am fourteen years old, i live in Australia and I don't have much money, or other resources, but I really want to help decrease world suck. please help me. please give me some suggestions of anything I can do. whether it is something I can do just once or something I can do everyday I really need some ideas.

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Be kind to random strangers. Just smile more often. Do community service. Do more chores around the house. Donate old clothes or books. Decrease your carbon footprint. Figure out a way to decrease the amount of CO2 release by Australia's biggest CO2 emitter, cow farts. I'm sure you can do atleast one of those.
on the note about the cow farts (seriously, LOL!) i think you could do that by eating more beef, Couldn't you?
No because that would increase the demand for cows and then they'd start breeding more. Well that or one persons eating preference would have no impact on the demand or amount of cow farts (this is just in case op doesn't manage to convince anyone else to cut down on cow farts). Oddly enough the only way to decrease cow farts is to consume less beef/dairy products.
Why don't we just kill all of the cows and be done with it? Extintion would definiely reduce the number of cow farts.
because with no cows we'd have no milk, which would be awful, since almost all my favourite foods have milk in them :D
You made my day with this. =)
sorry, but it's not just cows that produce milk, all mammals do, even humans.

Seconded! I've tried goat's milk before, and it just tasted... weird. Probably because I grew up with cow's milk, but, still.

And who would want the job to be a 'milk women'.  I mean, siriously!  HUMAN MILK *Barfs*
You should try fresh goat milk... The stuff you buy at the store has to be ultra-pasteurized because since the demand is low, it must stay on the shelf longer. This extreme pasteurization causes it to taste funky, which makes people drink it less often which further propels this conundrum. I live on a small goat daiy farm, and the raw milk we produce is the richest, tastiest milk that anyone who has tried it has ever had. Don't knock it till you get the real stuff; don't settle with the stuff from the store. Check out the local farmers and what they are producing; you may find delicious food at surprisingly convenient prices directly from nice people, which even supports small farms :)

Have you heard of goat milk? lol xD

This is not entirely correct.

Actually the way to get cows to decrease C02 emissions is to feed them what they naturally eat, in an environmentally sound manner. Rotating herds of ruminants (grazers) through fields actually sequesters more C02 than the cows produce, which means that cows raised this way are carbon negative.,9171,1953692,00.html


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